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Daily Current Affairs, 11 November 2016

Paper 2 Topic: Important aspects of governance, transparency and accountability, e-governance- applications, models, successes, limitations, and potential; citizens charters, transparency & accountability and institutional and other measures.   Smart India Hackathon 2017   Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar recently inaugurated the world’s largest digital national building initiative “Smart [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 30th November, 2016

Gender Equality in India: Long road ahead Gender budgeting- an instrument to increase gender equality In India, gender budgeting was formally adopted in 2005. Gender Budgeting is a powerful tool for achieving gender mainstreaming so as to ensure that benefits of development reach women as [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 29th November, 2016

Payment Banks and Financial Inclusion   News: Airtel Payments Bank started operations on 23 November and seven more private sector participants are expected to start operations in the same segment in the coming months. It will be interesting to see how these non-banking private sector players [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 28th November, 2016

Police Reforms in India   Introduction Despite a continual debate over the wisdom and ethics of such an arrangement, political control over the police has come to be accepted as an inevitable reality in modern democracy. It seems as if the police will eternally be mired in [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 26th November, 2016

National e-Health Authority (NeHA)   Introduction – What is NeHA Health-services in India are lagging behind in terms of use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The common man still archive doctor’s prescriptions, labs and X-ray results as was done decades ago. Till date, the vast majority [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 25th November, 2016

Refugees in India –Challenges and Strategy   Who is a Refugee? A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence. A refugee has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 24th November, 2016

Private Investment in India   What is Private Investment? A private investment in public equity involves the selling of publicly traded common shares or some form of preferred stock or convertible security to private investors. It is an allocation of shares in a public company not through [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 23rd November, 2016

Emergence of the Asian Century   Rising Significance of Asia Today, the case for Asia’s emergence as an economic power is stronger than it ever was. Such a rise is validated by the following facts: Asia produces about 40% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP), in [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 22nd November, 2016

Indore- Patna Express derailment- Learning from disasters In news: the derailment of Indore-Patna Express causing death of more than 140 people is a sad reality of strained infrastructure of Indian Railways which is crying for reforms. India’s railway network caters to about seven billion passenger [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 18th November, 2016

Electoral financial reforms need to follow demonetisation The Centre for Media Studies in 2014 estimated that aggregate cost of the central and state elections was just under $5 billion. This would have been the second most expensive election season ever after the 2012 US [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 17th November, 2016

India-China and the Changing World Order   Evolution of the world order The control of nations on the global geopolitics has shifted hands from Asian powers till the late 18thCentury to the Western nations such as United Kingdom and United States of America. The late 19th [...]