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Labour Laws in India Mindmap

[Economy] Labour Laws and Industrial Relations in India- Quick revision note

Labour Laws and Industrial relations Constitution of India: workers’ provisions Laws for Female workers Maternity Benefit Act Vishaka Case Factories Act Equal Remuneration Act Labor Laws in India Trade Union Act Minimum Wages Act Strikes and lockouts Industrial Disputes Act (IDA) Labour Courts [...]

Indian Art Architecture Bundi school

[Culture] Indian Art Architecture and Painting Schools (Mindmap cum note)

This is a note cum mindmap on Indian Art Architecture is shared by a regular reader who wishes to remain anonymous. If you want to contribute any more data in this topic, please share it in comments! Gandhara Art Rajput painting Saranatha pillar Gopurum [...]

Indianexpress infographics- SECC & NSS statistics differ

[Current Note] Jul-23-2015: Kharak Singh’s right to privacy, Lothal & Sagarmala, EPFO 75% Cap, PFRDA allows NRIs, ITBP Teaches Mandarin, MNRE gives solar-subsidy & More

Polity & Law Economy and infrastructure Diplomacy Science & Environment Person in News Mock Questions for Prelims Polity & Law 1962: SC judgment in Kharak Singh case: privacy not a fundamental right. 2013: SC says Government can’t deny scheme-benefit to anyone if he/she doesn’t [...]

Pascal Triangle

[Current Note] Jul-24-2015: Maldives Freehold islands, SAARC satellite, Beta Amyloid Protein, Samta Judgement, Tharoor Speech

Economy Diplomacy and Defense Science Tech Tribal rights and Samta Judgment History: Tharoor’s Speech @Oxford union Culture, Architecture Persons in News Mock Questions Economy Finance ministry’s revised draft of the Indian Financial Code (IFC) proposes following: ⇒ RBI’s monetary policy shall be decided by [...]


[Current Note] Jul-25-2015: Nalanda University, Humayun Tomb, Emigration problems, SIT Black Money 3rd report

Diplomacy Economy Polity Culture Person in news Mock Questions for UPSC prelims CSAT Diplomacy Diaspora problems: 2014 Highest remittances (1) India (2) China (3) Philippines. (world bank data). Yet our Government not very keen to look after its migrants-  ⇒ Emigration Management Bill is [...]

Write short note on a factor affecting productivity. Or What are the factors affecting productivity Discuss.

Ans. There are two types of factors which affect the productivity - (i) Factors Affecting National Productivity - (a) Human Resources- In national productivity, the general level of education is an important factor. The use of computers and other sophisticated equipment and systems need~ better educated [...]

Write short note on human resource management.

Ans. Human Resource Management - Human resource management determines how the organization should move from its current manpower position to its desired manpower position through planning management strikes to have the right number and the right kind of people at the right places, at [...]

Write short note on batch or quantity production.

Ans. Batch production is the manufacture of a number of identical articles either to meet a specific order or to satisfy continuous demand. When production of the batch is terminated, the plant and equipment are available for the production of similar or other products. [...]

Write a note on input-output analysis. Or Discuss input-output analysis in detail.

Ans. Input-output analysis is a technique which is used to study the production structure of an economy, considering the mutual interdependence of the various production sectors. According to Lange, "the analysis of inter industry relations, usually referred to as input-output analysis, serves the purpose of [...]

Write short note on Cobb-Douglas production function.

Ans . in Cobb-Douglas production function, there are two inputs, capital and labour. Cobb-Douglas production function is given by the following mathematical form Q = Here, Q is the output, L is the quantity of labour employed, K is the· quantity of capital employed and A, [...]