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[Economy] Rangarajan Gas Pricing, Production Sharing Contract (PSC), APM, Non-APM, issues, recommendations

Introduction What is Production Sharing Contract(PSCs) ? Royalty-tax regime Problems faced by Oil/Gas exploration companies CAG-Audit Present Gas Pricing Mechanism 1. Administered Pricing Mechanism (APM) 2. Non-APM Criticism on Rangarajan’s gas pricing Summary points Introduction Rangarajan is a noted economist, ex-Governer of RBI, ex-MP, Chairman [...]

[Decision Making] What answer did UPSC like for CSAT 2011? non-evasive, non-pliant, upright

Important: CSAT 2012 official answerkeys have been uploaded on www.upsc.gov.in/exams/answerkeys/index.htm#PageTop Prologue Decisions Decisions Bad answers Good answers CSAt 2011: Decision Making Qs Boss did not inform you about meeting Local thug Can’t finish project Earthquake corruption Boat hire blackmail Vaccine for Gram Pradhan Homeless [...]

chart IBPS Reasoning

[Studyplan] IBPS CWE PO/MT: Reasoning, topicwise analysis, priority topics, syllogism, assumption-inference, sitting arrangement, Non-Verbal, data sufficiency

IBPS Reasoning: Internal breakup Booklist for IBPS Reasoning Preparation Priority#1: Sitting Arrangement Priority#2: High level Reasoning Priority#3: Non Verbal Reasoning Priority#4: Input output Priority#5: filler topics IBPS Reasoning: Internal breakup Reasoning Area topic wise breakup 2011 2012 Diagram/Arrangement type Direction based test 1 0 Sitting Arrangement 12 18 subtotal Chart based reasoning 13 18 Conventional Reasoning Dictionary based [...]

Budget Parts revenue vs Capital

[Budget] Interim Budget 2014 : Revenue Part: Non-Tax Receipts, Expenditure,Effective Revenue Deficit, Loans, Interest, Dividend classification explained

Prologue Raju Guide (DevAnand)’s budget Revenue incoming Non Tax Revenue Revenue Outgoing Raju Guide’s Capital Budget Capital incoming (receipt) Capital Outgoing (Expenditure) Govt.’s Annual financial statement Non-Tax Revenue receipts of Government [Table] NON-TAX REVENUE sources (Descending order) Revenue Expenditure [Table] REVENUE Expenditure (Descending [...]

shortfall in capital reciepts

[Budget] Interim Budget 2014: Plan vs Non-Plan Expenditure, Subsidies, Disinvestment, Deficits, PDMA Public Debt Management Agency

Prologue Budget: Capital part: incoming (receipts) [Table] Capital receipt #EPICFAIL in disinvestment Capital Expenditure Plan vs Non Plan Plan vs Nonplan budget: Incoming (Receipt) part Plan vs Nonplan budget: Outgoing (Expenditure) part [Table] Plan vs Non plan Expenditure in Interim Budget [Table] Total [...]

Map israel gaza palestine

[Middle-East] Palestine becomes UN Non-Member Observer, Hamas-Fatah Join hands in Unity Deal

D1: Palestine wants to join UN bodies D2: Israel-Palestine: HAMAS-FATAH Unity Deal D1: Palestine wants to join UN bodies Background for the full historic coverage of Israel-Palestine, read my earlier article click me 2012: Palestine given UN Non-Member observer status, and thus become eligible to [...]

RBI Committees made by Raghuram Rajan

[Banking] P.J.Nayak Committee 51% shareholding, Gopalkrishna Committee HR reforms in Banks & Non-Banks

Prologue T1: PJ Nayak Committee on Board governance Reform #1: Repeal laws Reform #2: Bank Investment Company Reform #3: Temporary “BBB” Misc. Reform #1: Age and tenure reforms Misc. Reform #2: Private shareholding Nayak Pro arguments #1: competitiveness #2: CVC-CAG-Risk aversion #3: Fiscal [...]

Books in News 2014_11

[PIN-November-2014] Part-2/2: Books, Authors, Sports & Business GK for Non-UPSC exams

Books in News Movies in News Sports Olympics Olympic Agenda 2020 Cricket Hockey Tennis Badminton Boxing Misc. Business GK (November 2014) Tech giants IT/softwares Mobile companies Food/beverages Mineral companies Finance / investment Transport Pharmaceutical Books in News Sachin Tendulkar Autobiography: Playing it my way Boria Majumdar [...]

chemistry periodic table: metal non-metals

[Revision] Chemistry Part-2: Metal, Non-Metal, Metalloid, Liquid, Surface tension, Viscosity, Gas Laws, Periodic Table

Prologue Metals vs. Non-metals vs. Metalloid Liquids: Properties Liquids: Vapour Pressure Liquid: Surface Tension Liquids: Viscosity & Laminar flow Gas: Properties Gas Laws Ideal Gas vs. Real gas Periodic Table Mendeleev’s table: Characteristics Block elements Cation vs Anion Possible MCQs Prologue Continuing on…This article [...]