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A Unique way to learn Vocab: America’s new terror reality

A very good morning to all,… Here we are with our next article based on current news which contains some difficult words, we will highlight and explain those words in order to improve your vocabulary skills and to have a good command on English language [...]

Economic Policy Challenges in Asia

ECONOMIC POLICY CHALLENGES IN ASIA   Recently a three day conference jointly organised by Ministry of Finance and IMF regarding Advancing Asia: Investing for the Future was held in New Delhi. It was attended by finance ministers and representatives of 30 countries of Asia and the [...]

New Print Media Advertisement Policy Announced by Union Government

A New Print Media Advertisement Policy announced by the Union Information and Broadcasting for Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP). The aim of the policy is to support transparency and accountability in distributing advertisements in print media. Key highlights of policy It mainly [...]

New Four Elements Included in Periodic Table

Four proposed names for the four new elements have been announced by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) which were added in periodic table in January 2016. The nuclear researchers have discovered the element and give those names and symbols. And [...]

[Yearbook] DGCA and new Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Bill

What is DGCA? What is Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Bill? Structure of CAA Autonomy: Finance Autonomy: Personnel What are the functions of DGCA ? DGCA=Directorate General of Civil Aviation It is a regulatory body under Ministry of Civil Aviation. The main functions of DGCA, following: [...]

[Economy] New Pension Scheme, Swavalamban, NPS-lite, PFRDA: meaning, issues

What is PFRDA? Timeline: Two accounts NPS: Eligibility What is PRAN? Aadhar vs PRAN: Difference Aadhar vs PRAN: Similarity Players in the NPS game NPS-lite Swavalamban Scheme Why NPS is not popular? Why Swavalamban/NPS-lite is not popular? NPS Corporate Sector Model Mock Questions What [...]

map-dairy industry and corn belt USA

[Location Factors] Milk & Dairy industry in USA, Europe, New-Zealand : near & away from market

Dairy: Near & Away from Market Dairy: New-Zealand Dairy: Europe Dairy: Africa=non-existent Dairy: USA Regional specialization: ice cream/cheese/butter In the previous article, we discussed the geographical factors affecting the location of wheat and corn cultivation & allied industries. In this article will talk about the [...]

RBI repo rate historic trend graph

[Current] April-Week1-P1: Economy-Monetary Policy update,GI Tagging for Kanauj Attar,Predatory Pricing by Spicejet, BIS new labelling guidlines for electronics

[Act 1] Economy E1: RBI: Monetary Policy April 2014 E2: GI Tagging & EC model code #1: Dharmavaram Pattu Silk Sarees: Andhra #2: Kannauj Attar, UP #3: Muradabad Metal craft UP #4: Saharanpur woodcraft, UP #5: Firozabad Glassware, UP E3: Predatory pricing by [...]

Evolution of Banking sector in India upto New Bank Licence

[Economy] New Bank Licences: Bandhan, IDFC, Bharatiya Mahila Bank; Differential Bank licences, Bimal Jalan Committee, Narsimhan Committee; arguments favor against, Bank nationalization, Historic evolution of Banking sector in India

Prologue Banking sector in British India Birth of RBI Banking sector Post Independence Narsimhan Committee I (1991) Bank licences: 1st Round (1993) Narsimhan Committee II (1998) New Bank licences 2nd round (2001) New Bank licences 3rd Round (2013-14) Bandhan Microfinance and IDFC In [...]

Afghanistan Arms supply India Russia pact New cold War

[Diplomacy] New Cold War- Meaning, Reasons, Timeline

What is NEW Cold War? Afghani get Russian weapons on Indian money What is NEW Cold War? Some Essay / Interview fodder points from Frontline May 2, 2014 column “A new Cold War?” Cold war-meaning: A state of political hostility from 1945 until 1990 between countries [...]

Participatory Notes P Notes explained

[Economy] Participatory Notes (P-Notes), Hedge Funds, New Limits on FII, FPI, REFI explained

Foreign Investment rules: SEBI Vs RBI SEBI new classification of FPI SEBI: Alternative investment fund (AIF) classification What are Hedge funds? Difference between Hedge Fund & Mutual fund What is Participatory Note (P-Notes)? Why Ban Participatory Notes (P-notes)? P-Notes, Money laundering & Terror [...]