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Nepal Prime Minister Visit to India

NEPAL PRIME MINISTER VISIT TO INDIA   The visit of Nepalese prime Minister is the major thawing event that happened recently between India and Nepal. Prime Minister Oli is making this visit first time after Nepal adopted constitution last year. There have been certain elements that [...]

Nepal Peace Agreement

[Diplomacy] Nepal Logjam (Part 1 of 3): Civil War, Peace-Deal, Constitutional deadlock, Frequent change of Prime Ministers

During British-Raj From 60s to 90s The 90s system 1996-2006: Civil War India’s Nepal Policy: 2005 Main Political Parties Constituent Assembly(CA) Why is there a political crisis/logjam/turmoil in Nepal? Why No Constitution? #1: Presidential system vs Parliamentary system #2: Federation on Ethnic lines [...]

Nepal Maoists in UN cantonments

[Diplomacy] Nepal Logjam (Part 2 of 3): Merger of Maoists with Army, Anti-India Campaign, Why Elections are not held

Introduction Rehab of Maoist Combatants Problem areas in Maoist Army merger Maoist MNREGA scam Trouble in Cantonment Power struggle within Maoist Party Kiran’s makes new Party Against Prachanda Against Baburam Bhattarai People’s Constitution Against India Anti-India stand of Maoists Babu vs Prachanda @RIO+20 [...]

Mohan with Prachanda

[Diplomacy] Nepal Logjam (Part 3 of 3): Chinese presence, Anti-India sentiments, how & why India’s policy failed

Introduction Chinese Influence in Nepal USA Murderers are free Human rights are selective Corruption Reservation in Army Jobs Ethnic Unrest Anger against UN and International Community Land transfer The Priest Appointment Why Anti-India sentiment in Nepal? Regressive forces Change of India’s Stand Criticism [...]

India Bhutan Chumbi valley China

[Diplomacy] India Nepal Power trade Agreement (PTA): Features, issues; Bhutan Hydro Love-n-Hate

D1: India-Nepal agreements during Modi visit D2: Power Trade agreement (PTA) with Nepal D3: India-Bhutan: Hydropower sharing D4: Indian Intervention in Bhutan Politics D1: Power Trade agreement (PTA) with Nepal Happened in September 2014, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi came back from Nepal. Now any [...]

delta rivers coastline of india

[Mains Revision] Geography for GS1: Geophysical Phenomenons- Nepal Earthquake, Critical Geographical Features- Rivers, Delta & Coasts of India

Prologue MRG2/P1-Critical Geographical Features-Mangrove, Rivers & Coastal Regions of India MRG2/P2- Climate Change, impact on Glaciers, Flora-Fauna ·Melting of Glaciers and Ice Sheets – Impact MRG2/P3- Geophysical Phenomenon: Nepal Earthquake, Urban Flooding Prologue Last part of Sunep Jamir’s Mains revision series for Geography: Lecture [...]