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National Strategic Plan for Malaria Elimination, Democratic state needs a democratic civil society and vice versa Current Affairs 20th July, 2017

National Strategic Plan for Malaria Elimination Background: The government has recently released a national strategic plan for the elimination of malaria, and pledged to eradicate the vector-borne disease by 2027. How bad the situation is when it comes to vector- borne diseases? In New Delhi, which was [...]

[Bodies] CBI needs no prior sanction and Prasar Bharati needs autonomy

P1: CBI needs no Prior sanction P2: Prasar Bharati Autonomy P1: CBI needs no Prior sanction What’s the relevance of this topic to UPSC Syllabus? (GSM2): transparency and accountability (GSM4): challenges of corruption. Present system CBI derives powers under Delhi Special Police Establishment Act 1946 But [...]

What are the needs for organization structure ?

Ans. Needs for organization structure are as follows - (i) Organization structure defines the positions and units within the organization. (ii) Since organization clearly defines the authority and responsibility, it avoids confusion, duplication, wastage and inefficiencies. (iii) Organization structure is designed by the management to obtain specific [...]