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India and Australia ties and importance of Indo-Pacific region, Civil Services reforms: The need for lateral entry Current Affairs 19th July, 2017

India and Australia ties and importance of Indo-Pacific region Introduction: India and Australia have several commonalities, which serve as a foundation for closer cooperation and multi-faceted interaction, on lines similar to what India has developed with other Western countries. The relationship has grown in strength and importance [...]

Banking Drive

Banking Drive: All You Need to Know About BASEL III Norms

Dear Aspirants, In order to boost your score in General Awareness section and also to help you with interview preparation for the upcoming Exams we are here with a new initiative Banking Drive. Here we are posting an article on BASEL-III norms. I hope this [...]


[Security] Need for Hijacking Policy, MH-370, Infrasound, Transponder

#1: MH 370 & Anti-hijacking Policy in India #2: Tourist visa on arrival #3: energy coop with Sudan + USA PIB Misc. Mock MCQ Questions #1: MH 370 & Anti-hijacking Policy in India 8th March 2014: A Passenger flight of Malaysian Airlines from Kuala [...]

SBI Associate PO 2014 question paper

[SBI Associate PO] Request to share online exam question list, bcoz RTI can’t get it & future aspirants need it

SBI Associate PO: Why share experience? Online MCQ paper: 200 marks Descriptive paper: 50 marks Overall Attempt and wisdom SBI Associate PO Experience Sharing? but Problem with these online bank exams= Authorities don’t share the question papers under Right to information act (RTI) So, [...]

State the need for theory of management.

Ans. Need of theory of management can be understood from the following points- (i) When management theory, principles and techniques can be developed, proved and used, managerial efficiency will inevitably improve. As a consequence, the conscientious manager can become more effective by using established guidelines [...]

Discuss the need of management principles in brief.

Ans. According to Koontz, principles of management are required for the following purposes - (i) To Increase Efficiency- Principles aid thinking and action. The need for guesswork, haphazard activities is minimized. The difficulties caused by rapid changes in the environment can be overcome easily. As [...]