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Monetary Policy: Money Multiplier, Narrow, Broad & High Powered Money

BES171/MP1: Monetary Policy#1: Money Multiplier, Narrow, Broad & High Powered Money BES171/MP2: Monetary policy: SLR, CRR, Incremental CRR after Demonetization BES171/MP3: Open Market Operations (OMO) Market Stabilization Scheme (MSS) after Demonetization BES171/MP1: Monetary Policy#1: Money Multiplier, Narrow, Broad & High Powered Money So far [...]

Money: Evolution, Function, Types: Limited vs Unlimited Legal Tender, Fiat vs Fiduciary, Token vs Full Bodies, Debasement vs Demonetization, SBN Ordinance & More

BES171/Money#1: Functions of Money, Full Bodied coins vs Token Coins, Debasement BES171/Money#2: Limited & Unlimited Legal Tenders, Fiat & Fiduciary Money, Gold & Paper standard, Polity angle of Demonetization BES171/Money#3: Bitcoin Simplified, Blockchain technology how useful in Banking transactions? BES171/Money#1: Functions of Money, Full [...]


[BES16] Economic Survey → BoP→ Gold Monetization Scheme, Sovereign Gold Bond, Mauritius-DTAA, Helicopter Money

Prologue BES163-P1: Balance of Payment, Gold Monetization Scheme BES163-P2: Capital Account, FDI, FII, E-Commerce, Mauritius DTAA BES163-P3: Helicopter Money, Rules of Monetary Policy, ECB-framework Prologue Third pillar of Economy- balance of payment and international trade- covering the updates from latest budget and economic survey. [...]


[Economy] Barter-Money-Bitcoin: Fungibility, Double coincidence of wants, division of labour (Part 1)

Prologue Bitcoins overview Barter system #1: Double coincidence of wants #2: Division of Labour #3: Divisibility of Value #4: Fungibility Bitcoin and Fungibility Mock Questions Prologue Original plan was to write on Bitcoins. But for Bitcoin related MCQs, group discussion (GD) and interview questions, one [...]


[Economy] Barter-Money-Bitcoin: Circular Flow of Income, Savings to Investment, Time Value of Money, Deferred Payments (Part 2)

Prologue #5: Difficult to store Value #6: Savings don’t turn into investment What is Circular flow of income? #7: Account-keeping = mission impossible #8: Lack product specialization #9: Future contracts and deferred payments Time value of money Bitcoins and Smart Contracts Mock Questions Prologue In [...]

[Economy] Money-Bitcoin: Functions of Money, Exchange Medium, Transfer Value-NEFT-RTGS-Bitcoins, Money Illusion, Overcapitalization (Part 3)

Prologue Money: functions Primary functions of money #P1: As a medium of exchange #P2: As a measure of value Secondary Functions / Derivative functions #S1: As a store of value #S2: Transfer of Value / Purchasing Power Transfer of Value in Bitcoin System [...]

Measures of Money supply M1 M2 M3 M4 broad money narrow money

[Economic Survey] Ch4: Measures of Money Supply, M0-M1-M2-M3-M4; Reserve-Narrow-Broad Money, Money multiplier & Velocity

Prologue Factors affecting money supply WHY should we measure money supply? M0: Reserve money M1: Narrow Money M2 M3 (Broad Money) M4 Liquidity and ranking Money multiplier Velocity of money circulation Factors affecting Velocity of money circulation Assertion reasoning type Question Prologue Chapter 4: Prices [...]

NSSF & small savings schemes

[Financial Inclusion] Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP): Features, Money Laundering, NSSF, Small Savings Instruments

Small saving instruments (SSI): Meaning & Benefits Small Savings instruments: Examples National Small savings fund (NSSF) Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP): Timeline KVP-2014: Salient Features for MCQs KVP-1988 vs 2014: what’s the Difference? Kisan Vikas Patra & Black money / money laundering Kisan Vikas [...]


[Current Note] Jul-25-2015: Nalanda University, Humayun Tomb, Emigration problems, SIT Black Money 3rd report

Diplomacy Economy Polity Culture Person in news Mock Questions for UPSC prelims CSAT Diplomacy Diaspora problems: 2014 Highest remittances (1) India (2) China (3) Philippines. (world bank data). Yet our Government not very keen to look after its migrants-  ⇒ Emigration Management Bill is [...]