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Monetary Policy: Qualitative Tools, PSL, SCC & CAS- Priority Sector Lending Norms, LTV, Margin Requirement, Moral Suasion & Direction Action

  Monetary Policy#6: PSL, SCC & CAS- Priority Sector Lending Norms In the previous sessions, we learned about the quantitative tools of monetary policy, which decide the ‘volume’ of credit in an economy. Now we shall look into the qualitative tools of monetary policy, which [...]

Monetary Policy: Money Multiplier, Narrow, Broad & High Powered Money

BES171/MP1: Monetary Policy#1: Money Multiplier, Narrow, Broad & High Powered Money BES171/MP2: Monetary policy: SLR, CRR, Incremental CRR after Demonetization BES171/MP3: Open Market Operations (OMO) Market Stabilization Scheme (MSS) after Demonetization BES171/MP1: Monetary Policy#1: Money Multiplier, Narrow, Broad & High Powered Money So far [...]

Economy repo rate movement Mrunal.org

[Economic Survey Ch4] Inflation, WPI, CPI, monetary policy, RESIDEX gist of

How to measure inflation? WPI CPI WPI vs CPI difference? GDP deflator Steps taken by Government to curb inflation Via import Via bans / coercive measures Via schemes Via Policy/Act Why Govt could not control inflation? Export bans = uncertainty Export bans [...]

Monetary Policy Tool: How repo rate works?

[Banking] Monetary Policy: Quantitative & Qualitative Tools, applications & limitations MSF, LAF, Repo, OMO, CRR, SLR, Revisited before upcoming Urjit Article

Prologue What is monetary policy? Quantitative Tools #1: Reserve Ratios (SLR and CRR) #2: Open Market Operation (OMO) #3: Policy Rate Bank Rate Liquidity Adjustment facility (LAF) LAF Repo Rate Marginal Standing facility (MSF) Reverse repo Rate Repo Rate in recent years: Monetary [...]

RBI Committees 2013-14 monetary policy reform

[Economy] RBI Urjit Patel Committee: 4% CPI, Nominal Anchor, Multiple Indicator, Monetary Policy Framework Reforms (Part 1 of 2)

Prologue Monetary Policy reform: Where to focus? #1: Focus on Exchange rate #2: Focus on Multiple indicators #3: focus on inflation Nominal anchor (CPI) method: Benefits/Advantages of Nominal anchor (CPI) method: Drawbacks/Limitations/Anti-arguments Why Target inflation? Nominal vs Real interest rate Nominal Anchor (CPI): [...]

Monetary Policy Committee

[Economy] Urjit Patel Committee: Fixing Accountability in RBI, Monetary Policy Committee, Decision by Majority, Fiscal Deficit (Part 2 of 2)

Prologue #2: @RBI fix accountability in monetary policy making Monetary Policy Committee MPC Decision by Majority MPC: Accountability for #EPICFails MPC: Summary #3: @Government give Cover fire to RBI #: MNREGA: #: MSP #: Fiscal Deficit #: Loan Waiver Urjit Patel: Misc recommendations [...]

RBI repo rate historic trend graph

[Current] April-Week1-P1: Economy-Monetary Policy update,GI Tagging for Kanauj Attar,Predatory Pricing by Spicejet, BIS new labelling guidlines for electronics

[Act 1] Economy E1: RBI: Monetary Policy April 2014 E2: GI Tagging & EC model code #1: Dharmavaram Pattu Silk Sarees: Andhra #2: Kannauj Attar, UP #3: Muradabad Metal craft UP #4: Saharanpur woodcraft, UP #5: Firozabad Glassware, UP E3: Predatory pricing by [...]

[PIN-2014] Part 4/6: Economic Regulators, Banking Sector CMDs, RBI monetary policy, RBI Committees, Business GK CEOs

Prologue to six part Article series Economy Related Officials/ Regulators RBI Banking sector RBI key rates / monetary policy rates RBI Committees Bank CMDs Commercial Banks Insurance PSU & Corporations Business GK: Private companies, MNC giants Prologue to six part Article series Total six parts [...]

RBI Monetary policy rates Aug 2014

[Economic Survey] Ch4: Monetary Policy Trends, Reforms, RBI Restructuring program

Prologue Why RBI’s monetary policy fails to control inflation? Urjit Patel: reforms in monetary policy Rajan Reforms in Monetary policy Monetary Policy Trend 2013 Monetary Policy trend Jan 2014 onwards Why Rajan decreased SLR? Rajan Wisdom during press conference RBI restructuring Existing departments [...]

Mrunal Lecture Video SPIPA

[Economy Lecture1] Banking: Monetary Policy- Quantitative Tools: SLR, CRR, OMO, LAF, MSF, Repo rate & limitations

Prologue Lecture1: P1- Overview of Economy preparation Lecture1: P2- Banking Monetary Policy Lecture1: P3- Bank Rate, Repo Rate, LAF, MSF Lecture1: P4- Limitations of Monetary policy Prologue My economy lectures for UPSC-2015 batch have started at SPIPA, Ahmedabad (run by Government of Gujarat.) I’ve [...]

Monetary Policy: Qualitative Tools of RBI

[Economy Lecture2] Monetary Policy: Qualitative Tools, Priority Sector Lending; How to prepare GS, Notes Making, Time- Management

Prologue L1/P5: Banking: Qualitative Tools of Monetary Policy L0/P1: How to kick Start GS Prep for Prelims? L0/P2: History & Culture for Prelims? L0/P3: Geography, Environment & Science for Prelims? L0/P4: Notes making for UPSC & Current Affairs from Hindu? L0/P5: Time Management, [...]