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[EnB] Bergmann’s Rule, Migrantwatch, Seasonwatch, Ross Sea Marine Protected Zone, Lake Vida, Chromatophores

These terms are from The Hindu S&T, Nov.2012 Cold Climate=Big Body size Migrantwatch and Seasonwatch. Bactrian camels and heavy-chain antibodies Ross Sea: Marine Protected Zone Lake Vida Chromatophores Hedonic Scale Method Brevetoxin-2 Mock Questions Cold Climate=Big Body size For most species of animals, body mass [...]

Poultry Meat & Fish Supply Chain

[Food Processing] Fisheries: Freshwater, Aquaculture, Shrimpfarming: supply chain, upstream, downstream, Marine Policy, Fisherman Welfare Scheme

Prologue Fisheries: Scope/significance EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone Fish Supply chain Saltwater@Upstream Freshwater@Upstream Aquaculture@upstream Shrimp-farming@Upstream @Processing @Downstream Government Policies/Schemes Comprehensive Marine Fishing Policy, 2004 National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) Government Schemes Fishermen Welfare Scheme International Support State governments Mock Questions Prologue syllabus of UPSC Mains (GS) topics [...]