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[Quote Book 2010] For Civil Service Aspirants- Time Management, Study tips, Failure and more

How to prepare for this Exam? How to Study Strong Determination Time management, Excuses, Excuses Jealousy & Hatred Failure in Prelims / Mains / Interview For History people While writing Essay remember [Quote Book 2010] For Civil Service Aspirants- Time Management, Study tips, Failure [...]

[Mock Mains] Disaster Management Practice Questions for Public Administration paper 2

Most of these are worth 20 Marks each (i.e. 200 words). Sustainable management of natural resources is essential to provide livelihood and environmental security’. Discuss. Define Total Disaster Risk Management Approach and refer to its pertinence for Disaster Management Cycle. Highlight development perspective to [...]

Disaster Management: EarthQuakes

[Polity] 2nd ARC: Disaster Management (3rd Report) Gist of Chapter 1 to 3

This content is taken from 3rd report of 2nd Administrative reform Commission (Crisis  Management). The reports of 2nd ARC are important because they provide truckload of fodder-material in UPSC exam General Studies, Public Administration, Essay and interview. Crisis vs Disaster Disasters: why increasing? Disasters [...]

[Question Paper] Management Optional from 2001 to 2009 topicwise compiled by Achal Meena

This compilation is prepared and shared by Achal Meena. It contains  Management Optional subject Paper I and paper II Year 2001 to 2009 for UPSC civil services mains examination. To download the Management papers of 2010 and 2013, click me Topics year part mark subject  Discriminatory Pricing 2004 2 20 eco  IMF and World Bank 2004 2 20 eco  Globalisation and its implications [...]

[Strategy] UPSC Civil Service Exam (Part 4 of 5): Time Management, Coaching, optional subjects

Act IV: Conquering your own brain Doubt: Should I join coaching class or not? Option one: You study back home without Coaching Option two : You go to Delhi to attend coaching. If You join a class #1 don’t take mock tests lightly [...]

[Economic Survey Ch8] Agriculture and Food Management

India’s rank in Agro production FYP Achievement: Agro Crop Seasons National Monsoon Mission Sugar Ethanol Blending Program Edible Oil Agro input Fertilizers: NIP 2012 Nutrient Based Subsidy (NBS) Irrigation ICAR: programs Procurement Missions National Food Security Mission (2007) National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture [...]

[Question Papers] RBI Grade “B” Officers: Finance and Management Papers of last 8 exams (phase 2)

Prologue How to prepare finance and  Management paper? Instructions for finance- Management Paper RBI Grade “B” 2002 RBI Grade “B” 2003 RBI Grade “B” 2004 RBI Grade “B” 2007 RBI Grade “B” 2008 RBI Grade “B” 2009 RBI Grade “B” 2010 RBI Grade [...]

Supply Chain Fruits Vegetables Food processing

[Food Processing] Supply Chain Management, Upstream Downstream requirements for Fruit & Vegetables, Confectionery industries

Prologue What is supply chain management? What is upstream-downstream? What is Forward-Backward Integration? Vertical integration Food Industry: Supply Chain FHEL’s Apple Business: Optimized Supply Chain FHEL’s Apple Upstream FHEL’s Apple Downstream Fruit Veggies Processing (F&V) Fruit-Veggies SCM: Upstream Requirements #1: Need New Varieties [...]

[Studyplan] RBI Phase 2: Paper 3 Management section: studymaterial, 150+ mock questions

Prologue Paper 3: Management Section: Why awesome? Management Section: Study material Minimum Topics to be prepared 150+ Mock Questions previous exams Coordination Leadership Workdivision-Line-Staff-CEO-Hierarchy POSDCORB & allied topics Communication Organizations Delegation Decentralization Motivation and Morale Personnel Management Recruitment Training Performance appraisal Promotion Salary [...]

shortfall in capital reciepts

[Budget] Interim Budget 2014: Plan vs Non-Plan Expenditure, Subsidies, Disinvestment, Deficits, PDMA Public Debt Management Agency

Prologue Budget: Capital part: incoming (receipts) [Table] Capital receipt #EPICFAIL in disinvestment Capital Expenditure Plan vs Non Plan Plan vs Nonplan budget: Incoming (Receipt) part Plan vs Nonplan budget: Outgoing (Expenditure) part [Table] Plan vs Non plan Expenditure in Interim Budget [Table] Total [...]

How repo rate works

[Budget] Types of Subsidies & Structural Deficit, Public Debt Management Agency, FRBM Act & Its Targets

Subsidies PDMA: Public Debt Management Agency in Interim budget FRBM: States succeed where Union fails Structural deficit & Cyclic deficit Subsidies Back in the mid-90s, P.Chidambaram himself classified Subsidies in three types #Type 1: Public Goods Services given to everyone- be it rich or poor: Police, [...]

IndARC to monitor Arctic climate cycles, its impact on Monsoon

[Yearbook] Biodiversity Management Committees- Functions, Features, Limitations

Biodiversity Management Committees Ministry of Earth Science: 100 days IndARC Biodiversity Management Committees Topic in news because EPW ran a story about it on 19th April 2014. Q. Discuss the structure and functions of Biodiversity Management Committees under Biodiversity Act 2002? Evaluate their success in India. [...]