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[Diplomacy] Maldives Coup: Reasons, Implications, Nasheed, Prologue to GMR Issue explained

Why is Maldives important for India? Brief History of Maldives Operation Cactus 1988 Entry of Mohd.Nasheed, 2004 Economic Problems Tourism and Islam Coup against Nasheed, 2012 Pro-Mohd.Nasheed version of Coup-story Anti-Nasheed version of Coup-Story India’s Stand on Maldives crisis India did bad India [...]

[Economy] GMR Maldives Airport Controversy, IFC, AAI: Meaning, Reason, Implications, Explained

What is GMR? Male International Airport, 2009 What is International Financial Corporation (IFC)? Maldives Coup, Feb 2012 Singapore Court, Dec.2012 Indian Government’s response Should India stop giving ca$h to Maldives? Should India be Assertive? Conspiracy Parts Mock Questions What is GMR? An Indian company [...]

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[Current Note] Jul-24-2015: Maldives Freehold islands, SAARC satellite, Beta Amyloid Protein, Samta Judgement, Tharoor Speech

Economy Diplomacy and Defense Science Tech Tribal rights and Samta Judgment History: Tharoor’s Speech @Oxford union Culture, Architecture Persons in News Mock Questions Economy Finance ministry’s revised draft of the Indian Financial Code (IFC) proposes following: ⇒ RBI’s monetary policy shall be decided by [...]