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Making India a Knowledge Society in 21st Century

AIR debate – Making India a Knowledge Society in 21st Century   Prime minister Modi emphasised that 21st century must be knowledge society he said this at a graduation ceremony in J and K. With over 800 million youths below the age of 30, the emphasis [...]

[Decision Making] What answer did UPSC like for CSAT 2011? non-evasive, non-pliant, upright

Important: CSAT 2012 official answerkeys have been uploaded on www.upsc.gov.in/exams/answerkeys/index.htm#PageTop Prologue Decisions Decisions Bad answers Good answers CSAt 2011: Decision Making Qs Boss did not inform you about meeting Local thug Can’t finish project Earthquake corruption Boat hire blackmail Vaccine for Gram Pradhan Homeless [...]

[Decision Making] Official Answers for CSAT 2012’s Decision Making Questions

Subordinate’s report Batchmate Project review Sports chairman Project Deadline Water supply Bribe Bad answer Good answer In the previous article, we saw the Decision Making questions asked in 2011’s paper. click me Now let’s check the 2012’s questions- with the official answer key for CSAT [...]

chart-uppcs paper 2-2012

[Studyplan] UPPCS Preliminary Exam Paper 2: Aptitude, Maths, Reasoning, Decision Making, English, Hindi, free studymaterial & previous papers

Aptitude: UPSC vs UP-PCS UPPCS 2012 Aptitude Paper topic wise breakup Reasoning #1: Chart based #2: Sequence Series #3: High level reasoning Maths + DI Maths internal breakup 2012’s paper Approach to Mathematics Data interpretation (DI) internal breakup 2012’s paper Hindi English Interpersonal [...]

CSAT_DI_semicircle within semicircle

[Studyplan] CSAT Aptitude Paper 2: Decision Making + Maths Medium & Low priority topics, Sample Questions, free studymaterial (part 3 of 3)

Decision Making Problem solving & communication Bad decision choices Good decisions Just eliminate two bad decision CSAT 2013 Questions Elimination doesn’t always work though! Where to get practice? Maths: Medium priority topics M1: Arithmetic Progression (AP) M2: Coordinate Geometry M3: Polynomials & Quadratic [...]

UPSC official answerkey doesn't agree with this BoP classification

UPSC uploads official answerkey for CSAT-2013, lets check Decision Making & Debatable MCQs

CSAT 2013 Official Answerkey Released Decision making Swamp deer Balance of Payment GDP Ecosystem productivity Temperature coastal vs interior Dynamic Changes on Earth surface Nirvana Sankhya School Ball bearing CSAT 2013 Official Answerkey Released After almost one year wait, UPSC has uploaded the answer [...]

DoPT clarifies- Marks of those “EASY” English MCQ marks (above Decision Making section) will not be counted, Exam date-Timelimit unchanged

DoPT has clarified that English marks (Class X Level) will not be counted in the CSAT merit. Candidates are advised NOT To attempt them.  and use that time for question questions. IMPORANT: This is only for those 8-9 easy English questions above decision making section. For those [...]

Sample Page from Public Administration notes of Ashish

[Download] Topper Notes for Public Administration: Thinkers, Theories, Policy Making, Financial-Personnel Administration -Ashish Agrawal (AIR 209 | CSE 2013 | IRS-IT)

In Civil service exam (CSE) 2013, Mr.Ashish Agrawal had scored 209th Rank, and at present, he is undergoing training for Indian Revenue Service (IRS-IT). He has shared his general studies and Public Administration notes for the benefit of future aspirants. List of Topics covered in [...]

Monetary Policy: Qualitative Tools of RBI

[Economy Lecture2] Monetary Policy: Qualitative Tools, Priority Sector Lending; How to prepare GS, Notes Making, Time- Management

Prologue L1/P5: Banking: Qualitative Tools of Monetary Policy L0/P1: How to kick Start GS Prep for Prelims? L0/P2: History & Culture for Prelims? L0/P3: Geography, Environment & Science for Prelims? L0/P4: Notes making for UPSC & Current Affairs from Hindu? L0/P5: Time Management, [...]

IAS Topper Ira Singhal discusses Mains answer writing

Ira Singhal (IAS Rank #1) on Mains Answer writing, Ethics Case study writing, Essay improvement & Notes Making

Prologue Video#1: Mains Answer writing Tips on Mains answer writing? Balanced answer? Descriptive questions related to Feminism? Video#2: Preparing Ethics GS4 Paper Q. Writing case studies in a structure manner? Q.Please prescribe resource / Booklist for Ethics GS Paper 4 Video#3: Essay Writing [...]

What do you understand by decision making function of executive ? Indicate the various types of diction swans made in a business organization. Or Decision-making is the primary task of manager. Discuss the statement and explain the role of decision-making in performance of managerial function

Ans. In a business organization, an executive is a senior level manage Decision-making is an essential component of management process manager's life is filled with making-decisions after decisions. Managers. the decision-making as their central job since they constantly select what be done, who is [...]

“Administration is primarily a decision making process.” Discuss The statement and explain the importance of decision making.

Ans. "Administration is primarily a decision making process." This statement can be explained as follows: Administration relates to decision making. It is a thinking function. It determines what is to be done and when it is to be done. It is the process of determining the [...]