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[ML16] Mains Revision & Answer Writing: GS1&4- Rightwing Vigilantism, Intergral Humanism, Leather Industry Location Factors, Bulk Drugs, API

Prologue ML16/GS1: Right wing Vigilantism in India vs Alt-Right in Trump’s USA: ML16/GS1 & 4: DeenDayal- Integral humanism, One India, Dharma Rajya ML16/GS1: Leather Industry Location Factors, Challenges, Cow Vigilantism ML16/GS2: Govt Policies: Natural Fiber Textile vs SDG, Bulk Drugs & API Prologue Continuation of [...]

map-canada timber paper industry

[Location Factors] Timber, Paper & Pulp Industry: why developed in Northern Hemisphere High Latitudes?

Prologue overview of factors Types of industries Timber Based industries Factor: raw material Factor: River Factor: River direction Lumbering on commercial scale: Canada commercial lumbering: temperate vs tropics Paper-Pulp Industry Commercial fishing (Europe+America) VS Asia VS Southern Hemisphere Norway Japan Mock Questions Prologue UPSC has [...]

map-continental shelf commerical fishing industry

[Location Factors] Commercial Fishing Industry: Why concentrated in N.America, Europe, Norway & Japan?

Commercial fishing (Europe+America) VS Asia VS Southern Hemisphere Norway Japan Continuing the [Location Factor] articles series for UPSC General Studies paper 1. Commercial fishing: Location factors Why is commercial fishing developed in middle to higher latitudes of Northern hemisphere? Plankton availability Fishes eat plankton. Phytoplankton require sunlight [...]

Map: Textile industry of Manchester

[Geography] Location Factors: Why Cotton & Textile industry developed in Osaka, Manchester, Lancashire, Mumbai, Ahmedabad

Cotton and textile industry Climate factors Mumbai, Maharashtra Osaka, Japan Industry Ahmedabad, Gujarat Coimbatore, Tamilnadu Manchester & Lancashire industry American cotton industry Chinese textile industry: Shanghai In the previous article, we saw the factors responsible for location of Lumber, Paper Pulp and Fishing industry [...]

[Geography] Location Factors: Silk Industry of China, India, Karnataka, Kanchipuram

Europe:Silk demand vs Supply Japan: No labour + No market China: Why Top Silk producer? India: Labour+market Karnataka: factors Kanchipuram: factors In this article, we’ll examine the Geographical factors affecting location of Silk Industry. Europe: Labor no, Silk Market yes One important requirement for sericulture [...]

[Location Factors] Wool Industry, Jute Industry: rise & fall of Britain, Calcutta Jute problems

Wool Industry & Geographical Factors Climate factor Land size Economies of Scale Woolen Mfg: Rise and Decline of Britain India: Wool business Jute Industry Mock Questions Wool Industry & Geographical factors Let’s examine videsi (foreign) wool business first. Majority of wool production comes from southern [...]

wheat canada vs india

[Geography] Location Factors: Wheat, Corn industry in USA, China, Canada

Prologue Wheat: Prairies, Canada Rice: China USA corn & livestock belt Corn Belt: Geographical Factors Prologue So far under the [Location Factor] article series, we’ve see timber, paper-pulp, fish, wool, cotton, textile, silk and jute industry. Now let’s take a look at wheat, corn, rice, [...]

map-dairy industry and corn belt USA

[Location Factors] Milk & Dairy industry in USA, Europe, New-Zealand : near & away from market

Dairy: Near & Away from Market Dairy: New-Zealand Dairy: Europe Dairy: Africa=non-existent Dairy: USA Regional specialization: ice cream/cheese/butter In the previous article, we discussed the geographical factors affecting the location of wheat and corn cultivation & allied industries. In this article will talk about the [...]

map-meat industry USA

[Location Factors] Meat, Pig & Poultry Industry in USA, China & India

Meat industry: USA Shifting locations of Meat biz. Pig rearing Near market away from Market Poultry: India Factor: infertile land Factor: Contract farming Meat industry: USA Chicago=known for its beef industry. Often, Animal is reared in three different regions during its lifetime Observe the following map: stage Where? location from [...]

Von Thunen model USA Food industry

[Location Factors] Vegetable, Fruit, Viticulture industry & Von Thunen Model

Vegetables Industry California: veggies and fruits Curious case of oranges Von Thunen Agro land use model Viticulture, Grapes, Liquor Government policy Impact Viticulture India Mock Questions In the previous article, we discussed the geographical factors affecting location of Meat, Poultry and Pig rearing industry. [...]

[Location Factors] Plantation industry & types in Asia & Africa, Cocoa Triangle

Prologue Plantations: Why? Types of Plantation crops Factor: Gestation Factor: Price shocks Cocoa Ghana, Cocoa Triangle Factor: Bean Processing Prologue In the last three articles, we saw geographical factors that affect the location of timber and fish industry; Natural fibers: wool, cotton, silk and jute [...]