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map-durand line Afghanistan

[Diplomacy] Durand Line, Baluchistan, Gwadar Port: India,Pakistan,Afghanistan,Iranian interests

What Is Durand Line? Why is Durand Line in news? International Stand on Durand Line India’s stand on Durand Line Baluchistan and Taliban angle Gwadar Port = Pakistan + China Gwadar Port= Strings of Pearl? Chabahar Port= India + Iran Mock Questions What Is [...]

Cover Ch13 Poverty line schemes

[Economic Survey] Ch13: Poverty Line Estimation- Tendulkar vs Rangarajan, Engel’s Law, MNREGA, Aajeevikaa, Urban Livelihood

Prologue Poverty line Tendu Leopard vs Ranga Khush Urban Poverty line Rural Poverty line Why Ranga NAA-KHUSH (unhappy)? How is 100 million poors increased? Calorie Expenditure Engel’s law & MPCE Centrally sponsored schemes (CSS) CSS classification Poverty removal schemes Scheme#1: MNREGA Act 2005 [...]

Explain the structure of line organization. Also, discuss its disadvantages.

Ans. Line organization is the simplest and earliest type of organization. It is also known as military or scalar organization. Structure of a line organization is given in fig. 1.4.   Line organization is based upon relative authority and responsibility rather than on the nature and [...]

Write short note on ‘line and staff organization’.

Ans. In a firm of large size operating on big scale, managers cannot give careful attention to every part of management. They are unable to think and plan. They are busy with ordinary task of production and selling. Hence, 'Some staff' is deputed to [...]

Write disadvantages of line and staff organization.

Ans. Disadvantages - (i) Line and staff organization may get confusion in case functions are not clear. (ii) Line executives if they start depending too much on staff executives may lose their initiative, drive and ingenuity. (iii) Product cost will increase because of high salaries of staff [...]

Discuss the advantages of line and staff organization.

Ans. Advantages - (i) It provides more opportunity for advancement for able operators, As a great variety of responsible jobs are available. (ii) It is based upon manned specialization. (iii) It repays its added costs many times over through the savings resulting from increased efficiency of operation. (iv) [...]

List the applications of line organization.

Ans. Line organization can work satisfactorily under following conditions( (i) Small enterprises free from complexities. (ii) Automatic and continuous process industries such as paper, sugar, textile etc. (iii) Where few activities are performed. (iv) Less number of workers are employed. (v) Where the work is routine e.g., Government department.

Write down the advantages of line organization.

Ans. Advantages - (i) It is simple and easy to understand. (ii) It is flexible-easy to expand and contract. (iii) It is strong in discipline as it fixes responsibility on an (iv) It is capable of developing the all-round executive at the levels of authority. ( v) It encourages [...]