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[EPFO] Enforcement Officer- Hall ticket, Car pooling & FREE Study Material for social security, Industrial Laws, Accounting principles, computer & More!

Download Admit Card free study material EPFO enforcement officer: following material: either purchase or refer in library (then it’s free!) Ignore geography Carpooling, room sharing for EPFO Enforcement officer exam Download Admit Card UPSC has uploaded the admit card Recruitment Test for recruitment to [...]

social security in Constitution-of-india

[Economy] Social Security: Meaning and Laws in India

What is Social Security? History of Social security Social Security in India Social Security: Constitutional Provisions Concurrent List Part IV Directive Principles of State Policy Difference between Organized and Unorganized Sectors SOCIAL SECURITY LAWS in India Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948 (ESI Act) [...]

Labour Laws in India Mindmap

[Economy] Labour Laws and Industrial Relations in India- Quick revision note

Labour Laws and Industrial relations Constitution of India: workers’ provisions Laws for Female workers Maternity Benefit Act Vishaka Case Factories Act Equal Remuneration Act Labor Laws in India Trade Union Act Minimum Wages Act Strikes and lockouts Industrial Disputes Act (IDA) Labour Courts [...]

[Laws] DESI liquor special edition Kerala, Mizoram & IPS Training, Tribal insurgency

Mizoram permits DESI liquor Kerala wants to ban DESI Liquor IPS training academy bans DESI liquor Tribal insurgency in pre and post-independent India Mizoram permits DESI liquor 1995: Mizoram passed law to completely ban liquor. But later Government feels that “total” prohibition has harmed [...]

[Yearbook] Environment Ministry’s fast-track approach, Green E-Clearance & Green Laws Panel

Fast track initiatives: Environment ministry CAMPA Order, 2014 Pollution control Border roads Naxal areas Green E-Clearance Green Law panel Fast track environment = dangerous Fast track initiatives: Environment ministry Here is a brief summary of the fast track reforms taken by Modi government’s environment ministry, [...]

chemistry periodic table: metal non-metals

[Revision] Chemistry Part-2: Metal, Non-Metal, Metalloid, Liquid, Surface tension, Viscosity, Gas Laws, Periodic Table

Prologue Metals vs. Non-metals vs. Metalloid Liquids: Properties Liquids: Vapour Pressure Liquid: Surface Tension Liquids: Viscosity & Laminar flow Gas: Properties Gas Laws Ideal Gas vs. Real gas Periodic Table Mendeleev’s table: Characteristics Block elements Cation vs Anion Possible MCQs Prologue Continuing on…This article [...]

APFC labour laws notes

[APFC] Hindi Handwritten Notes on minimum wages, ESIC, Labour laws, Industrial relations & other topics

Here is the collection of notes prepared by one of my associate Mr.Chandra Deo for upcoming Assistant provident fund commissioner (APFC/EPFO) exam Following Topics are covered, for the syllabus topics- Industrial Relations, Labour Laws History of Labour laws in India- before independence and after independence. [...]