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A Unique way to learn Vocab: Public land and private treatment

A very good morning to all,… Here we are with our next article based on current news which contains some difficult words, we will highlight and explain those words in order to improve your vocabulary skills and to have a good command on English language [...]

[Economy] Land Acquisition bill 2011 : Salient Features, Pro Con analysis

Land acquisition topic is very important for almost all competitive exams of India starting from UPSC, State PSC, CPF, APFC, Bank and MBA Group Discussion / Interviews. What is Land Acquisition? How is this process governed? Land is a state subject then how can [...]

Timeline-British India land tenures

[Land Reforms] British Land tenure System: features, Consequences of Permanent Settlement, Ryotwari, Mahalwari

Prologue What is land reform? Players in Land tenure system? The State Owner Superior tenants Inferior Tenants Share croppers Landless laborers Land Tenure System: British Legacy Permanent Settlement: Features Permanent Settlement: Consequences Ryotwari System Ryotwari System: Features Ryotwari System: Consequences Mahalwari System Mahalwari System: [...]

Timeline-Peasant revolts before 1857

[Land Reforms] Peasant Revolts for Land reforms during British Raj

Prologue Peasant struggles in British India Peasant Revolts before 1857 Sanyasi Revolt, 1772 Pagal Panthi, 1830s-40s Santhal, 1855 Revolts after 1857’s Mutiny Indigo Movement (1859-60) Deccan Riots (1874-75) Ramosi, 1877-87 No-Revenue Movements (1893-1900) Birsa Munda’s Ulgulan (1899) Rajasthan: 1913-17 Champaran Indigo Satyagraha (1917) [...]

Timeline Land reforms Congress role

[Land Reforms] Role of Indian Congress in Land reforms during the British Raj, Gandhi’s Views on Land Reforms, All India Kisan Sabha

Prologue #1: Land reforms Congress in Provincial Governments 1937 @Bihar @Uttar Pradesh @Bombay @Other Provinces Overall Limitations #2: Congress Resolutions 4farmers @Karachi session, 1931 @Firozpur Session, 1936 @election manifesto,1937 Other resolutions/Manifestos Rise of All India Kisan Sabha Kisan Manifesto, 1936 Limitation of All [...]

[Land Reforms] Post Independence: Abolition of Zamindari, Reasons, Impact, Obstacles, Limitations, First Amendment

Prologue What is Land reform? Land reforms: broad vs narrow sense What are the objectives of Land reforms? Increase production social justice Economic development Improve standard of living Post-Freedom: Towards land reforms Why Abolish Zamindari? First Amendment, 1951 #1: SEBC #2: Freedom of [...]

[Land Ceiling] Meaning, Reasons, Pro and Anti Arguments

Prologue What is Land Ceiling? Why Ceiling on Land holdings? Land Ceiling in India Land Ceilings: Benefits/Advantages/Positive Points With political Will Production increased Employment increased Naxal reduced Social Justice Growth of New political parties Land Ceiling: Pro and Anti arguments Mock Questions Prologue So far [...]

Land Ceiling in India how to avoid

[Land Ceiling] Phase 1: Since Independence to 1974 in India, Salient Features, Limitations, Failures

Ceiling Phase 1: Freedom to 1972 Salient Features Limitations/Failures of Land Ceiling (‘47-‘72) Negative#1: No redistribution Negative#2: Family vs Individual Negative#3: Land ceilings too high Negative#4: Exempted land categories Negative#5: Delay in Law Making Negative#6: History repeats Ceiling Phase 1: Freedom to 1972 1946 (just before [...]

[Land Ceiling] Phase 2: After 1972- under Indira Gandhi, Uttar Pradesh failure and Ignored Post-LPG

Second stage: 1972 onwards 34th Amendment Land Ceiling: problems/ limitations/obstacles #Epicfail in UttarPradesh Land reform Delayed is land reform denied Hardly any ‘redistribution’ Lack of Auxiliary Support Lack of Political Mobilization Lack of Administrative will FYP did not give direction Land fragmentation=Low GDP [...]

Tenant farmers

[Land Reforms] Tenancy Reform, Tenancy protection Acts in India: salient features

Prologue Land Reform Tool #3: Tenancy Reforms Element1: Landowner’s right to lease Element2: Landowner’s right to Personal Cultivation Element3: Tenant’s right against eviction & high rent Element4: Tenant’s right to surrender Element5: Tenant’s Right to ownership Misc. rights to Tenants Prologue in the previous articles, [...]

[Land Reforms] Overall Achievements, Impact on Indian society & Reasons for failure

Land Reforms: Overall Negative Jurisdiction Outdated Land records Problem in North East Lack of budgetary $upport Bureaucratic apathy Lack of Votebank Powerless Panchyat Lack of Civil Society/NGO action The Naxal Angle: Appu Land reforms: Overall Positive Land Reforms: Overall Negative In the previous articles, we [...]

Bhoodan Gramdan

[Land Reforms] Bhoodan, Gramdan, Vinoba Bhave: Achievements, obstacles, limitations

Prologue Bhoodan Movement (Donation of Land) Bhoodan: Mechanism/procedure/features Bhoodan: Positive Bhoodan: Obstacles, Limitations, Problems Gramdan (Donation of the Entire Village) Gramdan: Concept/Principles Gramdan Mechanism Gramdan: Benefits Pardi Satyagraha, Gujarat, 50s Mock Questions Prologue So far we’ve seen: British Tenure system, peasant revolts and three [...]