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India, Japan and US Navies Kick Off 2016 Malabar Exercise near South China Sea

20th edition of MALABAR trilateral naval Exercise 2016 of India, Japan and United States (US) navies have been kicked off near South China Sea. This year the naval exercise over 100 aircraft and 22 naval ships is including a nuclear submarine are participating. Key facts [...]

[Diplomacy] JIMEX 12: Indo-Japan Joint Naval Exercise : Meaning Significance

What is JIMEX 12? activities in JIMEX 12 Naval Exercise? What is the importance of Indo-Japan Naval Exercise? Why Joint Naval Exercises? Move against China’s pearl string? What is JIMEX 12? It is the first joint exercise ever between the two navies of India [...]

Senkaku/Diaoyu islands

[Diplomacy] Senkaku/Diaoyu islands Conflict between Japan and China

What is Senkaku/Diaoyu islands: What is Japan’s claim? What is China’s claim? Conflict in recent times What is Senkaku/Diaoyu islands: Eight uninhabited islands and rocks in question lie in the East China Sea. They have a total area of about 7 sq km and [...]


[Diplomacy] Liancourt Rocks/ Takeshima/ Dokdo Islets Dispute Between Japan and South Korea

Whare are The Takeshima or Dokdo Islets? Background History Reasons for the dispute American angle How to solve this problem Whare are The Takeshima or Dokdo Islets? These islets are located in the Sea of Japan and are a bone of contention between Japan [...]

Map sea of japan or japan sagar

[Diplomacy] Japan Sagar/ East Sea Controversy, and functions of Survey of India

Who is the Surveyor General of India? Functions of Surveyor General of India? Where is Sea of Japan/East Sea? Why Japan Sagar controversy? Arguments: Japan vs S.Korea India’s Stand on Sea of Japan Food for thought Mock Questions Who is the Surveyor General of [...]

Semi colonization of China

[World History] Imperialism & Colonization: China, Japan, Asia, Boxer Rebellion, Open Door policy, Sphere of influence

China: Opium Wars, Boxer rebellion, Imperialism The opium Wars 1st Opium war The Treaty of Nanjing (Nanking) 2nd Opium War Treaties of Tianjin 1st Sino Japan War Sphere of Influence United States: Me too Policy Boxer Rebellion Japan: an imperialist Power Meiji Restoration [...]

map-continental shelf commerical fishing industry

[Location Factors] Commercial Fishing Industry: Why concentrated in N.America, Europe, Norway & Japan?

Commercial fishing (Europe+America) VS Asia VS Southern Hemisphere Norway Japan Continuing the [Location Factor] articles series for UPSC General Studies paper 1. Commercial fishing: Location factors Why is commercial fishing developed in middle to higher latitudes of Northern hemisphere? Plankton availability Fishes eat plankton. Phytoplankton require sunlight [...]

Mindmap Tokyo Declaration

[Modi Diplomacy] Part 1/4: Japan Visit, Tokyo Declaration, US-2 Amphibian aircraft, JENESYS 2.0 Kyoto Varanasi Pact

Prologue Mindmap: Gist of Modi’s Japan visit Strategic: India-Japan Economy: India-Japan Energy-Environment: India-Japan Science-Space-Healthcare People 2 People: India-Japan Side topics #1: Indo-Jap Nuclear deal #2: Japan doesn’t like MAT. NOT ONE BIT #3: US-2 Amphibian aircraft Mock questions Prologue Total four part article-series Modi Japan [...]

[Modi Diplomacy] Part 4/4: Summit Style diplomacy with Japan, China, USA- achievements and limitations

Prologue Summit-style diplomacy Strategic relations Trade & investment Infrastructure Railways Transport corridors Nuke Energy Environment and disaster Management Space science public health Culture tourism Limitations of Summit Style diplomacy Prologue So far we’ve covered three meetings of Modi with Japan- PM Shinzo Abe China- President [...]


[Geography Lecture] World Geography- China, Japan, Russia & South East Asia: Resources distribution for GS Mains

Prologue G10/P1: World Geography- China G10/P2: World Geography- Japan G10/P3: World Geography- Russia G10/P4: World Geography- South East Asia Prologue After this lecture, mains result came out, so Ms.Rajtanil won’t be conducting any more sessions till her own UPSC interview is over. So, geography [...]