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[Diplomacy] TAPI Gas pipeline : Meaning, Importance, Significance for India and its neighbours

What is TAPI Pipeline? Route of this piepline What does Turkmenistan gain from this? What does Pakistan Gain? What does Afghanistan Gain? What is in for India? What’re the Obstacles to TAPI pipeline What is the Response of the US to TAPI project? Another [...]

[Economy] Coal acquisition from Abroad: ICVL and its problem

What is ICVL? Why was ICVL formed? What’s ICVL’s problem? Why no acquisition of coal mines abroad? Coal India’s problem Mock Questions What is ICVL? International Coal Ventures Limited (ICVL) — It is a joint venture company formed in 2009 jointly by following entities: Administrative [...]

How repo rate works

[Budget] Types of Subsidies & Structural Deficit, Public Debt Management Agency, FRBM Act & Its Targets

Subsidies PDMA: Public Debt Management Agency in Interim budget FRBM: States succeed where Union fails Structural deficit & Cyclic deficit Subsidies Back in the mid-90s, P.Chidambaram himself classified Subsidies in three types #Type 1: Public Goods Services given to everyone- be it rich or poor: Police, [...]

What is Fed Tapering

[Fed Tapering:Part1 of 2] Meaning of Fed Tapering, its Negative Impact on Indian Economy, Worst case scenarios, Balance of Payment Crisis, explained

Prologue What is Fed tapering Why is it called Fed Tapering? How can Fed Tapering affect India? Worst case scenario [WCS] by Fed Tapering WCS1: Hot money gone / Flight of Capital WCS2: Weaker Rupee= bigger CAD + bigger inflation WCS3: Exports may [...]

El Nino Current during Normal Year

[Geography] El Nino, Its Impact on Indian monsoon, Indian Agriculture (+points from Economic survey)

Prologue What happens in a Normal Year? What happens in La Nina Year? What happens in an El Nino year? What is Southern Oscillation? How does El Nino affect Indian Monsoon? El Nino 2014 and India Will El Nino 2014 hurt Indian GDP? [...]

How is input and output analysis done? What are its advantages? How is it helpful for the management economics ?

Ans. If the final demand vector in input-output model is exogenously given, we have an open input-output model and if this vector is endogenously given, then we have a closed input-output model. Steps involved in formulating and solving an open input-output model are given [...]

Define the term managerial economics and discuss its scope.

Ans. Managerial economics is the economics that is applied in decision-making. Managerial economics serves as a link between abstract theory and managerial practice. It is based on economic analysis for recognizing problems, organizing information and evaluating alternatives. Economics as a science is related with the [...]

Discuss the concept of decision-making, its characteristics and The various types of decisions in an industry. Or What is decision-making ? Discuss the nature of decision-making. Or Define decision-making. What are the various types of a decision ? Also Give the characteristics of a decision.

Ans. Decision-making is a process to arrive at a decision; the process by which an individual or organization chooses one position or action from many alternatives. According to shall eta!, "Decision making is a conscious human process involving both individual and special phenomenon based [...]

Discuss main objectives of a project management. What are its limitations ?

Ans. The aim of project management is to reduce, contain or counter the risks and organize and direct the resources so that the project is finished in time, within budgeted costs and with the functional or other design objectives fulfilled. Following types of projects [...]

“Scientific management in its sesame, involves in its essence a complete revolution on the part of size workers and equally complete revolution on the part of those on management side.” Examine briefly.

Ans. The above statement seems true in the light of following advantages of scientific management - To Workers- (i) Incentive wages to the workers for higher production. (ii) Detailed instructions and constant guidance for the workers. (iii) Opportunity for training and development to increase skills. (iv) Less fatigue in [...]