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[Diplomacy] Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC): suspension of Syria, Rohingyas, Jammu n Kashmir

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Why is it in News? Two main outcomes of OIC summit On Rohingyas On Syrian Unrest The pot calling the kettle black Why India is not a member of OIC? India and OIC: Problem area Jammu and Kashmir [...]

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[Internal Security] ISIS Islamic State, Left Wing Extremism, North East Insurgency, Communalism, Secularism Revision by Pratik Nayak

Prologue IR1/P1: ISIS-Islamic State-Rise & Implications on India’s security IS1/P1: Internal Security-Naxal Movement & Left Wing Extremism in India IS1/P2: Internal Security-Insurgency in North East IS2/P3: (Self Study) GS1: Communalism, Secularism Prologue Mr.Pratik Nayak (CEPT University) will be covering selected topics from Internal security [...]