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Bilateral Investment Treaties and concerns, Lateral movement in civil services Current Affairs – 29th March, 2017

Bilateral Investment Treaties and concerns Introduction In a globalised economy foreign investment and multilateral agreements are crucial in today’s economic architecture. Especially in a time period where protectionism is on the rise and with events like Brexit and new government in USA concern have risen for [...]

[Economy] Arbitration Act: Foreign Investment disputes

What is Arbitration? Arbitration Act Why in News? Implication of SC Judgment What is Arbitration? For smooth functioning of business and industry, Quick decision of any commercial dispute is necessary. Internationally, it is accepted that normally commercial disputes should be solved through arbitration and [...]

Ponzi MLM Schemes

[Economy] Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) and Multi-Layer Marketing Frauds

What is Collective Investment Scheme (CIS)? Why is it in news? What is Multi-level marketing? Why is it bad? Menace of CIS frauds What is Collective Investment Scheme (CIS)? The company pools money from various investors and uses the money for a specific purpose. [...]

National Investment Board

[Economy] National Investment Board (NIB): Meaning, Functions, Anti-Arguments

Infrastructure Bottlenecks? What is National Investment Board (NIB)? Functions of National Investment Board (NIB)? Anti-argument/Objections against NIB? Infrastructure Bottlenecks? Infrastructure= railways, roads, ports, thermal plants etc. that are essential for other economic activities. Infrastructure projects worth over Rs 7 lakh crore are pending because [...]

[Economy] EPFO: Compulsory UID, Investment in AAA Corporate bonds, Air India

EPFO: UID proposal =cancelled EPFO : AAA bonds proposal = pending EPFO: Air India=invested Mock Questions EPFO: UID proposal =cancelled Earlier EPFO had decided that Aadhaar numbers must be compulsory for subscribers from 1st March 2013. This could help EPFO easily cross verify subscribers. But [...]

[Economic Survey Ch1] Investment, Savings, Gold Rush, Inflation Indexed Bonds (Part 2 of 3)

INVESTMENT #1: Tight monetary policy #2: Exports declined #3: Policy bottlenecks #4: investment in Valuables DOMESTIC SAVINGS Decline in share-debentures GOLD RUSH Why do people invest in gold? Gold -Current Account Deficit (CAD) How to stop gold rush? Inflation indexed bonds Mock Questions INVESTMENT [...]

INS Sudarshini sent for India ASEAN

[Diplomacy] India ASEAN 20 years of Dialogue Partnership, FTA in Service Investment, Vision 2020

Prologue ASEAN – India Commemorative Summit 2012 #1: India-ASEAN car rally #2: Naval Expedition #3: India-ASEAN Vision – 2020 document More co-op in regional forums Maritime Cooperation Development front Renewable Energy Funding Socio-Cultural Monuments Connectivity Delhi Dialogue India ASEAN logo ASEAN-India Eminent Persons [...]


[Economy] Barter-Money-Bitcoin: Circular Flow of Income, Savings to Investment, Time Value of Money, Deferred Payments (Part 2)

Prologue #5: Difficult to store Value #6: Savings don’t turn into investment What is Circular flow of income? #7: Account-keeping = mission impossible #8: Lack product specialization #9: Future contracts and deferred payments Time value of money Bitcoins and Smart Contracts Mock Questions Prologue In [...]

Fruit fly trapper pheromon

[Current] April-Week4-P2: Economy- WTO SPS Agreement EU Ban on Indian Mango, HDFC Bank Foreign Investment FII problem, SC guideline on Cheque bouncing, RBI’s Public Key infrastructure (PKI)

Prologue E1: [WTO SPS Agreement] EU Ban on Indian Mangoes Mango Ban: Timeline / Sequence of Events India’s stand on EU Mango Ban Anti-Arguments Preventive measures against Fruit Fly Sample question for Mains  E2: [Banking] HDFC Bank vs FIPB: Foreign investment Problem Foreign [...]

[Diplomacy] India-ASEAN: Relation, FTAs in Goods, services and investment

Prologue ASEAN: Origin Musyawarah & Mufakat TAC Treaty Timeline: Growth of ASEAN since 90s ASEAN Community (2015) ASEAN Performance: GOOD ASEAN Performance: NOT so GOOD Chinese Arm twisting India-ASEAN Relations Why ASEAN important for India? India-ASEAN FTAs: A Timeline India ASEAN FTA in [...]

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

[Diplomacy] AIIB: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank- purpose, structure, India’s interests- pro & anti arguments

Background AIIB: Chinese interest #1: Make truckload of profit #2: help in Maritime Silk policy #3: Counter US-Japan dominated IMF+ADB AIIB: Membership Who has not joined? AIIB Structure Shareholding and Voting Power Pro Arguments: India will benefit because #1: something is better than [...]

ML5-P1-Role of NGO, Civil services and pressure groups in democracy for UPSC Mains GS2 paper

[Mains Revision] (GS3) Investment Models- Hybrid Annuity, Swiss Challenge; IPR Policy; (GS2) NGO & Pressure Groups

Prologue ML5/P1: Role of NGO, Pressure Groups & Civil services in Democracy ML5/P2: (GS3) Investment Models: Hybrid Annuity, Swiss Challenge ML5/P3: IPR Policy, Utility Model, Special 301 report Prologue Day#5 of my lecture series on Mains revision. Lecture Videos available under: Youtube.com/user/TheMrunalPatel PowerPoints Available under Mrunal.org/Download ML5/P1: [...]