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What is C++ ? An Introduction to programming with C++

  I am beginning a series of articles about C++ programming language. So lets begin with a simple C++ program as shown below. #include int main() { cout<<"My first C++ code"<<"\t"; // This is a C++ comment return 0; } This piece of code when executed, outputs a line of [...]

Why switch to ARM ? Introduction to ARM Micro Controllers

  It is true that beginners should start off with 8051 or AVR to get a clear understanding of how microcontrollers work. The documentation of these devices is very readable and simple to understand. But if you have worked with these architectures for some time, [...]

[Studyplan] India 2013 Yearbook: Introduction and approach to Environment and Biodiversity (EnB) (part 1 of 6)

Utility in Prelims (CSAT) Utility in Mains Utility in Interview Limitations of yearbook General guidelines while using India Yearbook #1: Skipping sentences #2: Organizations #3: Schemes Yearbook Chapter Classification Environment and Biodiversity (EnB) EnB: organizations EnB: Important facts for MCQ/2m Laws/conventions/IR Environment : [...]

[Economic Survey Ch1] Introduction, GDP FC MC relation (part 1 of 3)

Introduction Why Economic Survey = Boring? Timeframe Link between GDP FC/MC? Why India can’t bounce back easily? Crude oil prices Forex Reserve Mock questions Introduction Finally economic survey is released. For UPSC, economic survey is important, because just like yearbook, this one also provides [...]

Trigonometry Height & Distance- type of questions

[Trigonometry] Introduction, Types of Questions, Shortcut for memorizing 30,45,60 for SSC CGL CDS

Introduction Types of Trigonometry Questions Trig: Height and Distance Introduction From outside, trigonometry may look lengthy, boring, difficult, tedious and frustrating. But it doesn’t change the fact that trigonometry as a topic important for SSC exams (CGL, FCI, CPIO etc.) and CDS exam (Combined [...]

food processing industry sector growth potential India

[Food Processing] Introduction, Scope, Significance, Awesomeness (hardly), Obstacles (truckload of) for GS Mains

Prologue Indian food processing industry: Significance Increasing Employment Curbing Migration Curbing Food Inflation Crop-diversification Scope/Potential Abundant Raw Material Geographical advantages New Demand Government Initiatives Obstacles to food processing? Economies of scale Lack of organized retail Lack of Food testing facilities Lack of Skilled [...]

Give introduction to the era of new nanostructures of carbon.

Ans. The 20th century certainly produced many materials than those existed earlier. Some of these materials have profound effect on the society at large. One of them is the silicon revolution in 1940s, which had revolutionized the socio-economic scenario of the modern society and [...]