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[Economy] A story of Forex, currency conversion, rupee depreciation, inflation, subsidies etc.

Again in the fond memories of Dev Anand. I’m writing this story so that the newcomers can get some idea about Forex, currency conversion, rupee depreciation, inflation, subsidies etc. (caution : full of technically not-so-correct examples, just to give you a broad idea of what [...]

[Economic Survey Ch1] Investment, Savings, Gold Rush, Inflation Indexed Bonds (Part 2 of 3)

INVESTMENT #1: Tight monetary policy #2: Exports declined #3: Policy bottlenecks #4: investment in Valuables DOMESTIC SAVINGS Decline in share-debentures GOLD RUSH Why do people invest in gold? Gold -Current Account Deficit (CAD) How to stop gold rush? Inflation indexed bonds Mock Questions INVESTMENT [...]

Economy repo rate movement Mrunal.org

[Economic Survey Ch4] Inflation, WPI, CPI, monetary policy, RESIDEX gist of

How to measure inflation? WPI CPI WPI vs CPI difference? GDP deflator Steps taken by Government to curb inflation Via import Via bans / coercive measures Via schemes Via Policy/Act Why Govt could not control inflation? Export bans = uncertainty Export bans [...]


[Economic Survey] Ch4: Inflation- Trends in WPI, CPI, IIP & International market, Government reforms to combat price rise

Prologue [Act 1] Theory recap [Act 2] WPI inflation trend: Survey points [Act 3] CPI inflation trend: Survey points [Act 4] IIP Trend: survey points Mining and Power Manufacturing 8 Core industries in IIP [Act 5] Trend in international market (2014-15) [Act 6] [...]


[Economy] Index Theory: WPI, CPI, IIP, Components, Baseyear; Core vs Headline inflation, Laspeyre’s formula explained

Prologue [Act 1] WHO calculates WPI, CPI, IIP? [Act 2] WHEN they publish WPI, CPI, IIP? [Act 3] WHERE do they get data for WPI, CPI, IIP? WPI Data Collection CPI Data collection IIP Data Collection [Act 4] WHAT are the components of [...]

Inflation indexed Bonds IIB explained

[Economy] Inflation Indexed Bonds IIB, IINSS-C: Salient Features, real interest rate, nominal interest rate

Prologue Nominal vs Real interest rate Inflation index bonds: Salient Features IIB: How do they protect against inflation? IIB: principal also protected Prologue Economic Survey Chapter 4: Prices and Monetary Management. FIVE subparts Inflation indexed bonds measures of money supply: M0, M1, M2, M3, M4, [...]

IAS coaching Free Economy Lectures IPO Shares Bonds

[Economy Lecture3] Finance: Shares, Bonds, E-IPO, ADR-GDR, Municiple Bonds, P-Notes, Inflation Indexed Bonds

Prologue L2/P1: Debt securities: Credit Rating, Bond-Yield, Muni.Bonds, SEBI norms L2/P2: Inflation Indexed Bonds (IIB), Nominal vs Real Interest rates L2/P3: T-Bill, G-Sec, Zero Coupon Bonds, Bearer Bonds & misc. instruments in Money Market L2/P4: Equities: IPO, E-IPO, ADR-GDR-IDR, Bonus shares, preferential shares [...]

Skill India Mission

[Economy Lecture] Inflation Theory & Survey Analysis on WPI, CPI, IIP; Make in India, Skill India & Mock Mains Qs

Prologue L4/P5: Make in India & Skill India: Salient Features L4/P6: Make in India: Policy issues & challenges from Economic Survey L4/P7: Inflation: WPI, CPI, IIP theory and Survey Analysis Prologue On 10th April 2015, I conducted session on “Sectors of Economy” subpart- make [...]