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[EPFO] Enforcement Officer- Hall ticket, Car pooling & FREE Study Material for social security, Industrial Laws, Accounting principles, computer & More!

Download Admit Card free study material EPFO enforcement officer: following material: either purchase or refer in library (then it’s free!) Ignore geography Carpooling, room sharing for EPFO Enforcement officer exam Download Admit Card UPSC has uploaded the admit card Recruitment Test for recruitment to [...]

Labour Laws in India Mindmap

[Economy] Labour Laws and Industrial Relations in India- Quick revision note

Labour Laws and Industrial relations Constitution of India: workers’ provisions Laws for Female workers Maternity Benefit Act Vishaka Case Factories Act Equal Remuneration Act Labor Laws in India Trade Union Act Minimum Wages Act Strikes and lockouts Industrial Disputes Act (IDA) Labour Courts [...]

[Economic Survey Ch9] Industrial performance, E-biz, Invest India, Manufacturing Policy, OBICUS, ASI

Index: IIP vs WPI vs CPI Survey: OBICUS vs ASI Industrial Licensing Nitrocellulose Hydrocyanic acid Phosgene Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) Industries reserved: IEM Boosting Industrial sector National Manufacturing Policy (NMP) 2011: Objectives E-Biz Project Invest India Circular 1 of 2013 IPR initiatives The Madrid [...]

industrial revolution in England

[Old NCERT World History Ch7] Industrial Revolution, Capitalism, Their Effect on Society, Rise of Trade Unions & Socialism

Prologue Introduction to Chapter Capitalism Capitalism and Colonization Industrial Revolution Factory System Why Industrial Revolution started in England? Textile Industry: The revolution Powerloom Cotton Gin Steam Engine Blast Furnace TRANSPORT Revolution Postal Revolution Agriculture Revolution Industrial Revolution in Other Countries Tariff barriers Race4raw [...]

map-ruhr-sweden iron steel industry

[Location Factors]: Iron-Coal based industries, & Industrial inertia for UPSC GS Mains Paper 1

Prologue Iron-coal industry Location factors Iron Industry: three locations #1: Near Forest #2: Near coal fields #3: Near coastal areas Factor: Empty Wagons Ural-Kuznetsk combine Bokaro Rourkela Combine The curious case of Cleveland Factor: Coking coal Shortage Factor: Technology Industrial Inertia Why industrial [...]

Cover Economic Survey highways infrastructure PPP

[Infrastructure] PPP challenges & reforms, 3P-India, highway projects, Industrial corridors, DMIC vs DFC, Golden vs Diamond quadrilateral

Prologue [Act 1] Infrastructure Corridors GK/theory C1: (Rail) Dedicated Freight Corridor Project C2: (Road) Industrial corridors: DMIC C3: Other industrial corridors C4: Golden vs. Diamond Quadrilateral C5: (Road) North South, East West corridor Budget 2014: industrial corridor announcements [Act 2] Road infrastructure R1: [...]

Cover Economic Survey industries excise duty industrial license factory act

[Economic Survey] Ch9: Industrial Policy, Labor Reforms, Factories Act, Apprentice Act, Customs & Excise duties in Budget 2014

Prologue [Act 1] Industrial license & reserved sectors [Act 2] Policies and Acts P1: Industrial policy 1991 P2: National Manufacturing Policy 2011 A1: Factories Act 1948 / Bill 2014 A2: Apprentice Act 1961 / Bill 2014 F1: Fodder: Why India needs labor reforms? [...]

Model Answer World History Set1

[Model Answers] World History Set#1: American, French & Industrial revolution by Roman Saini

Prologue Q1. Fall of Bastille Q2. American Revolution & Crony Capitalism Q3. Industrial revolution About the author Prologue Hey friends, this is Dr.Roman Saini (AIR-18, CSE-2013). I’m undergoing Foundation Course at LBSNAA, Mussoorie and having an awesome time -will share all the fun details [...]

World Physical Geography

[Mains Revision] Geography for GS1: World Physical Geography, Resource Distribution, Indian Agriculture & Industrial Locations by Sunep Jamir

Prologue MRG1/P1- World Physical Geography Revision MRG1/P2- Distribution of Natural Resources & India’s Stakes MRG1/P3-India- Physical Geography, Monsoon MRG1/P4-Indian Geography: Industrial Locations & Agriculture Prologue Myself Sunep Jamir, I’m a B.E. Electronics Engineer. For two years I’ve worked in TCS, Delhi and times I’ve [...]

APFC labour laws notes

[APFC] Hindi Handwritten Notes on minimum wages, ESIC, Labour laws, Industrial relations & other topics

Here is the collection of notes prepared by one of my associate Mr.Chandra Deo for upcoming Assistant provident fund commissioner (APFC/EPFO) exam Following Topics are covered, for the syllabus topics- Industrial Relations, Labour Laws History of Labour laws in India- before independence and after independence. [...]

List the obstacles in the high industrial productivity.

Ans. Obstacles in the High Industrial Productivity - (i) Frequent machine breakdown (ii) Lack of managerial control (iii) Idle man (iv) Poor quality ( v) Confusion in machine scheduling (vi) Shortage of materials (vii) Excess inventory (viii) Large quantities of reworked material.

Enumerate micro-economics as applied to plants and industrial undertakings. Or Write a brief essay on micro-economics applied to plants and industrial undertakings.

Ans. Economics is divided into two parts - (i) Macro-economics (ii) Micro-economics Macro-economics deals with the whole economy. Macro-economics is responsible for growth of national income, level of government spending, the balance of payments etc. Micro-economics deals with the economy of small industries. It is dependent on [...]