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India and Australia ties and importance of Indo-Pacific region, Civil Services reforms: The need for lateral entry Current Affairs 19th July, 2017

India and Australia ties and importance of Indo-Pacific region Introduction: India and Australia have several commonalities, which serve as a foundation for closer cooperation and multi-faceted interaction, on lines similar to what India has developed with other Western countries. The relationship has grown in strength and importance [...]

[Culture] Festivals of India: Characteristics, Features & Importance

Characteristics of Indian Festivals? Seasonal in nature Seasonal Festivals are Agro-based Worship of Animals Worship of Fire Same time but different Names Involves Dancing Involves Processions Artificial / Non-religious Festivals Appendix: Major Festivals of India Bihu: three types, Makar Sankranti, Lohri, Onam, Pongal [...]

[Diplomacy] TAPI Gas pipeline : Meaning, Importance, Significance for India and its neighbours

What is TAPI Pipeline? Route of this piepline What does Turkmenistan gain from this? What does Pakistan Gain? What does Afghanistan Gain? What is in for India? What’re the Obstacles to TAPI pipeline What is the Response of the US to TAPI project? Another [...]

Why Karnataka gets more rain than MH & Kerala

[GS1] Monsoon: Why Karnataka gets more rain than Maharashtra & Kerala? Tibetan Plateau meteorological importance

Karnataka More rain than MH/Kerala? Tibetan plateau: Meteorological importance of Natural aerosol and their effect on Monsoon Why Karnataka gets more Rainfall? Topic in news Oct. 2014, Hindu; Relevance: GS1-Geography Mains-GS1 Q. Examine the reasons why Western ghats in Karnataka receive more rainfall than Maharashtra and [...]

What is meant by productivity of resources ? Explain the importance of productivity in India.

Ans. Productivity is nothing but the reduction in wastage of resources. It may be defined as the ratio between output and input. Output means the amount produced or the number of items produced and inputs are the various resources employed, e.g., land and building, [...]

Write down the importance of productivity

Ans. In India, an autonomous organization known as National Productivity Council (N.P.C.) was established in 1958 and has set up 5 regional productivity directorates in the country managed by specialists for organizing productivity programmers. It has also established 4 ?local councils at various industrial [...]

Explain the importance of input-output analysis in productivity.

Ans. Main features of input-output analysis are given as follows (i) Input-output analysis deals with the problem of purely technological nature viz., production. The main objective of the analysis is to find the nature of output-mix, quantity of each final product in the output-mix and the quantity of [...]

“Administration is primarily a decision making process.” Discuss The statement and explain the importance of decision making.

Ans. "Administration is primarily a decision making process." This statement can be explained as follows: Administration relates to decision making. It is a thinking function. It determines what is to be done and when it is to be done. It is the process of determining the [...]

Explain the importance of decision-making.

Ans. No. business can survive without effective decision-making. Decision-making is an essential part of every function of management. In the words of Peter. F. Drucker, "whatever a manager does, he does through decision-making." Decision-making lies deeply embedded in the process of management. Herbert A. Simon [...]

Explain the functions and importance of principles of management. Or Clearly explain the nature and importance of principles of management.

Ans. The principles of management have the following characteristics - (i) General Statements- Management principles are obtained from experience and analysis only. They have not been tested under laboratory or controlled statements. This is the reason why they have been expressed in the form of [...]

There is no more important area of human activities than management, since its task is that of getting things done through other people’. Comment and explain the importance of management.

Ans. The above given definition requires to be expanded as- (i) As -managers, people carryout the managerial functions of Planning  organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. (ii) Management applies to any type of organization. (iii) It applies to managers at all organizational levels. (iv) The goal of all managers [...]

Write an essay on “importance of management” in modern economy. OR What is the importance of management ? Write in brief.

Ans. In modern economy there is no substitute for management. As remarked by Peter F. Drucker, "Management is the dynamic, life-giving element in every business. Without it the resources of production remain resources and never become production". The efficient management of human and physical resources [...]