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Monetary Policy: Money Multiplier, Narrow, Broad & High Powered Money

BES171/MP1: Monetary Policy#1: Money Multiplier, Narrow, Broad & High Powered Money BES171/MP2: Monetary policy: SLR, CRR, Incremental CRR after Demonetization BES171/MP3: Open Market Operations (OMO) Market Stabilization Scheme (MSS) after Demonetization BES171/MP1: Monetary Policy#1: Money Multiplier, Narrow, Broad & High Powered Money So far [...]

BJT Internal Capacitances High Frequency Circuit Model

The BJT amplifiers we have examined so far are all low frequency amplifiers. For large valued DC blocking capacitors and for frequencies of tens to hundreds of kHz, the simple smallsignal models we used will work well. As the frequency increases, though, there are [...]

Daily Word List

A Unique way to learn Vocab: Preparing cities for high water

A very good morning to all,… Here we are with our next article based on current news which contains some difficult words, we will highlight and explain those words in order to improve your vocabulary skills and to have a good command on English language [...]

[Economy] High GDP and High Corruption: Cause or Consequence?

Not really an article, just some fodder/food for thought. High GDP= High Corruption= Bright Future! Land Grabbing = Universal phenomenon High GDP => High corruption The Incentive structure High level corruption High corruption => High GDP! High GDP= High Corruption= Bright Future Mark Twain coined a [...]

[Economy] Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFC), High Speed Rail Corridors, Rail Tariff Regulatory Authority, Issues, Reforms in Indian Railways

Why Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC)? Benefits of Dedicated Freight Corridor? High speed Rail Corridor National High Speed Rail Authority Rail Tariff Regulatory Authority Counter arguments: Rail Tariff Regulatory Authority India vs China: Railway success Rail Reforms Required Mock Questions Why Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC)? [...]

SBI PO Reasoning Strategy

[Studyplan] SBI PO Reasoning (High Level): Topicwise Approach, booklist, strategy, Cutoffs

The structure of SBI PO Exam 2013 Reasoning: Topicwise breakup SBI  papers Reasoning: SSC vs SBI Reasoning approach: Higher Level 3 Statement Syllogism Reasoning Approach: Usual topics Eligibility Test Math Operations+Inequality Sitting arrangement Non verbal Data Sufficiency Input Output Reasoning: Peripheral Topics DBT: [...]

[Reasoning] 4-Statement Syllogism: Approach, Techniques, explained for SBI PO (High level reasoning) and UPSC CSAT paper 2

Introduction Recap: 2 statement Complimentary case Approaching 4 statement syllogism Case#1 : Stick, lamps, power, dresses, shirts Case#2: Bird, Horse, Tiger, Lion & Monkey Case#3: Bench, Wall, House, Jungle, Road Case#4: (Complimentary Pairs): Cups, Bottles, Jugs, Plates & Tables Case#5: (Complimentary Pairs): Chair, [...]

map-canada timber paper industry

[Location Factors] Timber, Paper & Pulp Industry: why developed in Northern Hemisphere High Latitudes?

Prologue overview of factors Types of industries Timber Based industries Factor: raw material Factor: River Factor: River direction Lumbering on commercial scale: Canada commercial lumbering: temperate vs tropics Paper-Pulp Industry Commercial fishing (Europe+America) VS Asia VS Southern Hemisphere Norway Japan Mock Questions Prologue UPSC has [...]

History Mains 2013 Map

[Download] History Optional Subject Paper 1 & 2 of UPSC Civil Service IAS IPS Mains Exam 2013 with high quality Map, Hindi Scan

Instructions History Paper 1 Section A History Paper I: Section B History Paper 2: Section A (Modern India) History Paper II: Section B (World History) Original Scan / Hindi Medium Instructions There are EIGHT questions divided in Two Section, Candidate has to attempt FIVE [...]

SBI specialist assistant  Manager in system

[SBI] Specialist Assistant Manager (System): Previous papersets for professional knowledge section, high priority areas under Maths, English, Reasoning

Prologue SBI Specialist: Written stage Part I: Maths, English, Reasoning: How to approach? High priority areas in Part I (Maths, English, Reasoning) Part II professional knowledge (PK): Systems/IT SBI Specialist Syllabus for System/IT/ Professional knowledge topic SBI IT (Systems) Assistant Manager 2012 Question [...]

CSAT Aptitude Paper 2 Analysis overall

[Studyplan] CSAT Aptitude Paper 2: Maths & Data Interpretation-High priority topics, Sample Questions, free studymaterial (part 2 of 3)

Math haters are grave diggers #1: 2012 unlikely to repeat #2: GS Strength doesn’t compensate math weakness #3: One lakh Delhi aspirants #4: Maths = competitive edge + peace of mind Mathematics: What to ignore? Doubtful syllabus topics in Mathematics Highest priority (finish [...]