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[ML16] Mains Revision & Answer Writing: Narasimha Rao: His Foreign Policy (GS1)? LPG = Growth Imp than redistribution (GS3)? Lesson from life of Reformer (GS4)?

Prologue ML16/RaoGS1: Narasimha Rao’s Diplomacy & Answer writing Basics ML16/RaoGS3: Rao’s economic reforms, liberalization & industrial policy ML16/RaoGS4: LPG Legacy: growth > redistribution? & 3 Model Answers Prologue I’m starting the new lecture series for Mains-2016 revision and answer writing. Only selected topics will be [...]

Virginius Xaxa Committee on tribals

[GS3] Development vs Extremism: Xaxa Committee report, Tribal land alienation

Prologue What was purpose of Xaxa Committee? Land acquisition: Problems found: Land Acquisition: Suggestions given Mining in tribal areas Linkage with Extremism Appendix: Tribal insurgency Appendix 2: Constitutional & Legal protection Mock Questions for Mains Prologue Topic in News: As such Xaxa Committee was [...]

Heartbleed bug

[GS3] IT-awareness: Raspberry Pi, Shellshock, Heartbleed, Internet-of-Everything, Facebook Safetycheck & more

Prologue Security: Heartbleed bug Security: Bash / Shellshock bug Security: IoE-Internet of Everything Security: Vishing- Voice Phishing Security: COWL Chip: Raspberry Pi Chip: System on Chip (SoC) Soc.Service: Facebook’s Internet Drones Soc.Service: Facebook Safety Check App Soc.Service: Google ILIA Soc.Service: Saransh tool by [...]

National Air Quality index

[GS3] Pollution: National Air Quality Index, SAFAR Technology, Parafoil Drone, Pthalates

#1: National Air quality index (AQI): WHY? Features of new AQI Criticism of new Air Quality Index #2: SAFAR #3: Smog sucker Chinese Parafoil drone #4: Pthalates, Airfresheners and Pollution Mock Questions National Air quality index (AQI): WHY? Mains Relevance: GS3: Environmental Pollution. Part [...]

Eco Cooker

[GS3] Environment: Pusa Hydrogel, Eco-Cooker, Microgrid Power, Net Metering, Earth Overshoot

Pusa Hydrogel Eco-Cooker Micro-grid power generation Rajiv Gandhi Net-metering se Bill kum karlo Yojana Earth overshoot day Pusa Hydrogel Topic in news: Oct 2014, Hindu; Relevance: GS3- Science-Technology / conservation; Who? Indian Agricultural Research institute, New Delhi What? Pusa Hydrogel is a granular product. Made [...]

gs3 Planning Commission

[Revision] GS3: Economy-Planning, Budgeting, Resource mobilization & Farm subsidies

Prologue [Block-1] Planning commission (PC) why replace? Modi’s NDRC Productivity commission SriKrishna’s FSLRC New Financial sector regulators PDMA Debt Management PJ Nayak Committee [Block-2] Budgeting reforms Bud1: FM 4 kharchaa-Paani Bud2: Feedback Loop Bud3: Curbing fiscal deficit FD1: Disinvestment Keypoints FD2: Fuel subsidies [...]

PPP financing

[Revision] GS3: Infrastructure, Coal Scam, BlackMoney, G20-BEPS, Bitcoins

Prologue [Block-1] PPP finance for Infra [Block-2] Infra: Roads and Highways R1: E-toll collection R2: Highway finance PPP: BOT vs EPC [Block-3] Infra: Aviation A1: Draft aviation policy: 2014 A2: Aviation: No frills airport [Block-4] Infra: Railways and Shipping Fuel linked tariff policy [...]

Robotics: New Developments

[Revision] GS3 Science-Tech: Biotechnology, Robotics, Nanotech, Computer/IT awareness, Space-tech, Agro, Defense

[Block-1] Biotechnology Biotechnology bill 2013 Genetically modified crops Pro-GM-crops Anti GM-crops GM crops in India [Block-2] Robotics [Block-3] Nanotechnology Google-X Nanoparticles Nanotechnology: theory [Block-4] computer / Internet related Internet security Hardware APPS/Portals [Block-5] Space-Tech ISRO MARS Mission IRNSS-Desi GPS NASA and others [Block-6] [...]

Cyclone Hudhud

[Revision] GS3: Environment, Conservation, Disaster-Management: Cyclone Hudhud, Kashmir Floods, Clean India & Ganga

[Block-1] Disaster Management Disaster#1: Cyclone Hudhud Rescue operation: operation “Lehar” Suggestions/ Precautions/reforms Ain’t nothing called national calamity Benefits of Ham radio Social media in disaster Management Disater#2: Kashmir floods Mission Sahayata Suggestion/ precaution/ reforms [Block-2] Cleaning India and Ganga B1: Swachh Bharat / [...]

PDS leakages are unacceptably high in India

[GS3] Shanta Kumar report on FCI-restructuring, Buffer stock, PDS & Food security & Direct Benefit Transfer

What is Food security? Origin of FCI Timeline of Food management in India Disturbing Numbers: FCI and Food Mismanagement Shanta Kumar Committee on FCI restructuring #1: Outsource procurement to State Governments #2: Procurement Payment reforms #3: Buffer stock reforms #4: Storage reforms #5: [...]

agriculture land reforms

[Geography Lecture] Mains-GS3: Irrigation Types, Agriculture Extension Services, Land Reforms, Livestock & Fisheries

Prologue G8/P4: Agriculture Land reforms G8/P5: Irrigation types for GS3 & Fertilizers G8/P6: Agro Modernization: Green Revolution, Extension Services & Marketing G8/P7: Livestock: dairy and fishery sector Prologue These geography lectures are conducted by Ms. Rajtanil at Sardar Patel institute of Public Administration (SPIPA), [...]

L7/P1: infrastructure bidding financing, GMR Airport PPP

[Economy Lecture] GS3: Infrastructure- PPP Bidding & Financing Reforms, Rail budget 2015, Debroy Committee, MMDR, Coal Auction

Prologue L7/P1: Infrastructure Bottlenecks, Bidding & financing L7/P2: Railways Budget 2015, Debroy Committee, Aviation & Shipping L7/P3: Mining industry- MMDR, Coal scam, Coal Bill 2015 Prologue On 15th May 2015, I began new session on infrastructure pillar- subpart “transport and mining”.  Total ~2:00 hours, [...]