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Global economic slowdown: Where does India stands?, India’s US policy in the age of Trump Current Affairs 16th June, 2017

Global economic slowdown: Where does India stands? The global economy has been recovering from the recession of 2009 at a tepid rate (at approximately 2.5 per cent per annum). India’s economy is in a ‘fairly good shape’ and it is likely to be less affected [...]

SAARC Satellite, Can India emerge as a global leader in an uncertain global environment?, Current Affairs – 5th May 2017

SAARC Satellite Introduction Diplomacy has crossed traditional barriers and methods today. SAARC satellite is step in the right direction to engage meaningfully with the neighbourhood sharing expertise India has in Space science and technology. Apart from all scientific benefits this will go a long way in [...]

On 2016 Global Peace Index India Secured 141st Position

India has secured 141st spot in a Global Peace Index (GPI) for year 2016 out of 163 countries and which describe India is a less peaceful country. The by global think Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) has ranked 163 countries on bases of [...]

Global Hunger report, India & Hidden Hunger

[Public Health] Global Hunger report, Hidden Hunger, National Nutrition Mission, Newborn action plan,

Prologue Global hunger report, Child malnutrition What is Hidden hunger? India Newborn Action Plan (INAP) National Nutrition Mission Fixing RBSK and WIFS Expert group on PNDT Tribal health problems Prologue Current affairs related to public health, during September Week1 to October Week3. Part1: Mother, Children, [...]

Dassault Rafael MMRCA jet

[Defense] Rafael MMRCA jet deal, UAV Panchi, Global Hawk Drone, Schilka system, Akash Missile

[Block-1] Airforce Jet: Rafael MMRCA Rafael: the salient features Jet: Naval LCA (NP1) UAV: Panchi with Wheels (DRDO) UAV: Global Hawk Drone (USA) Helicopter: Dhruv Helicopter: S-70B Airdefense: Schilka system Airdefense: Akash Missile Computerized Pilot Selection System [Block-2] Indian Army and Missiles Indian [...]