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Current Affairs 12th March 2018: Daily GK Update

राष्ट्रीय समाचार 1. प्रधान मंत्री मोदी, फ्रांसीसी राष्ट्रपति मैक्रॉन ने यूपी में सौर ऊर्जा संयंत्र का संयुक्त रूप से उद्घाटन किया i. प्रधान मंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी और फ्रांस के राष्ट्रपति इमानुएल मैक्रॉन ने संयुक्त रूप से उत्तर प्रदेश के मिर्जापुर जिले के दादर कला गांव में 101 मेगावाट [...]

विभिन्न परीक्षाओं के लिए जनवरी रिवीजन-10

Q1. भारत और ___________ के बीच चिकित्सा प्रणालियों के क्षेत्र में सहयोग पर 5 वीं द्विपक्षीय तकनीकी बैठक नई दिल्ली में हुई थी. Answer: मलेशिया Q2. संयुक्त राष्ट्र पर्यावरण और _________ ने पर्यावरणीय स्वास्थ्य जोखिमों पर अंकुश लगाने हेतु कार्रवाई में तेजी लाने के लिए एक [...]

विभिन्न परीक्षाओं के लिए जनवरी रिवीजन-09

Q1. राष्ट्रीय युवा दिवस को हर साल _____________ पर मनाया जाता है Answer: 12 जनवरी Q2. ISRO ने हाल ही में श्रीहरिकोटा में सतीश धवन अंतरिक्ष केंद्र के प्रथम लॉन्च पैड से अपने 42वें पोलर सॅटॅलाइट लॉन्च वेहिकल(पीएसएलवी) लांच किया. PSLV को __________ के रूप में [...]

[PIN] Persons in News 2012 for 2 Markers, GK and MCQ

I’ve compiled the List of persons in news 2012 year. This type of current affairs / GK questions are asked in SSC, CDS, CAPF, IBPS & other competitive exam of India. But this list is definitely not exhaustive, so If you’ve any important updates, [...]

UPSC gives takehome question paper with IFoS GK answerbooklet, less marks per question, no more 3 out of 4 options

This year UPSC had combined the prelims for Civil Service Exam (CSE) and Indian Forest service exam (IFoS). But their mains were kept separate. IFoS has a combined question paper cum answer sheet (like UPSC plans to do for CSE-Mains2013). But a separate [...]

[RTI] Indian Forest Services (IFoS) Mains 2013- only 515 candidates wrote GK paper, only 714 filled up DAF

This is courtesy of Mr.Alok Singh who appeared in this year’s IFoS mains exam and filed an RTI. Some interesting facts: (perhaps you already know) From CSAT 2013 (common prelims), 1061 candidates had qualified for the IFoS (Forest services) mains examination. But out of those [...]

[IBPS] Interview Preparation (Part 3 of 5) Banking, Economy, Current Affairs, HR and GK related questions for BankPO/MT

Prologue Banking related Questions in IBPS interview Banking Theory / Current affairs Banking Theory Banking Topics on Mrunal.org/Economy Banking Current Previous Interview Questions Economy related Current Affairs related Question HRM GK questions Prologue Total five articles on how to prepare for IBPS Bank Interviews Stop [...]

SSC CGL 2013 re exam papersets

[Download] SSC CGL Re-exam Question papers: Both morning & evening sessions- Maths, English, Reasoning, GK subjectwise separated

Prologue Download link for SSC Question Papers CAT order: Do Re-Exam in All centres & not just Hindi belts Answer key Cutoffs Prologue 27th April 2014, Sunday: The Staff selection commission (SSC) conducted re-examination of Combined graduate level (CGL) exam for seven centres in [...]

[PIN-2014] Part 4/6: Economic Regulators, Banking Sector CMDs, RBI monetary policy, RBI Committees, Business GK CEOs

Prologue to six part Article series Economy Related Officials/ Regulators RBI Banking sector RBI key rates / monetary policy rates RBI Committees Bank CMDs Commercial Banks Insurance PSU & Corporations Business GK: Private companies, MNC giants Prologue to six part Article series Total six parts [...]

PIN-8 musician stamps

[PIN-Sept] Part 2/3: Books, Authors, Business GK

Books and Authors Movies Stamps of 8 musicians BusinessGK Android One Pharmaceutical Books and Authors only those in news for Sep-2014. For the bigger list, check earlier article under [PIN-2014] click me. A. Sivathanu Pillai The path unexplored – success mantra of BrahMos. He is the ex-CEO [...]

Books in News 2014_11

[PIN-November-2014] Part-2/2: Books, Authors, Sports & Business GK for Non-UPSC exams

Books in News Movies in News Sports Olympics Olympic Agenda 2020 Cricket Hockey Tennis Badminton Boxing Misc. Business GK (November 2014) Tech giants IT/softwares Mobile companies Food/beverages Mineral companies Finance / investment Transport Pharmaceutical Books in News Sachin Tendulkar Autobiography: Playing it my way Boria Majumdar [...]

Book Cover Idris Keeper of light

[PIN-Dec-2014] Part-2/2: Books-Authors, Sports, Movies, Places, Disasters & Business-GK

Books in News Cinema and Television Sports in News Places in News Disasters Karnataka Andhra Pradesh Telangana Other states/UT in News Business-GK Banking-Finance companies IT/Mobile related companies Travel and Transport Pharmaceutical Books in News More important for exam Pranab Mukherjee The Dramatic Decade: The Indira Gandhi [...]