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Gender as growth driver, Keeping the soil healthy is a challenge Current Affairs 28th July, 2017

Gender as growth driver Introduction: Empowering women to engage in productive employment is critical to achieving not only this SDG but is also pivotal to economic growth, poverty eradication, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, and attaining universal primary education. Economic crises affect women more than men: [...]

Human development index components formula

[Economic Survey] Ch13: P1- UNDP’s Human Development report 2014, HDI, Gender Development, gender inequality, Multidimensional poverty, World Bank’s Gini-Coefficient

Prologue Human Development Report Five indexes under HDR-2014 Index#1: Human development index (HDI) Ranking Tie in Ranking No ranking in HDR 2014 Index#2: Inequality adjusted HDI Index#3: Gender Development India (GDI) Index#4: Gender inequality index Index#5: Multi-dimensional poverty index Human Development: 4 culprits [...]

[Essays] September Week4: De-bureaucratizing the executive, Hidden Euthanasia, Gender equality

Democracy and Bureaucracy Bureaucracy, Ethic and accountability Economy Rights issue Science-tech & environment Security Democracy and Bureaucracy Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind. (Einstein) A Constitution always integrates, it never divides. (Modi during Nepal visit). Welfareist role of the [...]

Emma Watson He for she campaign gender equality

[Women Rights] Essay Fodder: Emma Watson on Gender equality, Views of new NCW Chief

Prologue Emma Watson: Gender equality What is Feminism? Gender Equality: What and Why? Men too face Gender inequality Gender stereotypes  Views of New NCW chief: Mock Questions Prologue Combining two topics from current affairs- mainly for Essay fodder. September week2: Emma Watson speech on Gender [...]

Legalizing prostitution

[Rights Issues] Legalizing Prostitution, Gender Gap Report, Widows of Vrindavan, Christian Women Property rights

Legalizing prostitution Immoral Traffic prevention Act, 1956 Pro arguments: sex trade be legalized bcoz: Anti-Arguments: Sex trade must not be legalized bcoz: WEF: Gender Gap Report 2014 (Oct 14) Property rights of Christian women (Sep-14) Widows of Vrindavan (Sep-14) Stopping Child marriages: some [...]

Beijing Declaration & Beijing+20 Review Meeting

[Rights Issues] Beijing+20 Review Meeting, Gender Equality, India’s stand-Caste vs Social origin

1995: Beijing Declaration & Platform for Action The 12 Key areas of Beijing Declaration What happened after Beijing 1995? 2014: Beijing+20 review meeting for Asia-Pacific India’s stand at Beijing+20 Asia-Pacific meeting Mock Questions 1995: Beijing Declaration & Platform for Action Since 1975, United Nations [...]