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The hyperbolic sine function is a one-to-one function and thus has an inverse. As usual, the graph of the inverse hyperbolic sine function sinh−1(x)sinh−1(x) also denoted by arcsinh(x)arcsinh(x) by reflecting the graph of sinh(x)sinh(x) about the line y=xy=x For all inverse hyperbolic functions but the [...]

[Diplomacy] International Criminal Court (ICC) : Organization, functions, powers

International Criminal Court (ICC): introduction What is Rome Statute? Where is ICC located? What are the functions of ICC? What is International court of Justice? Punishment powers of ICC? any time limits on cases? Wanted Criminals by ICC How does ICC get criminals [...]

[Polity] National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC): Meaning, functions, Controversy

Introduction: The Need for NCTC What will NCTC do? Multi-Agency Centre (MAC) How is it different from US and UK  model? What is the problem with NCTC? Power to Arrest without informing State Government Overlapping with NIA Present Status of NCTC Introduction: The Need [...]

IPCC- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Structure

[Science] IPCC- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Meaning and functions

What is IPCC? The Structure of IPCC IPCC reports: how are they prepared? Why important? What is IPCC? IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change H.Q in Geneva The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the leading international body for the assessment of climate [...]

Map sea of japan or japan sagar

[Diplomacy] Japan Sagar/ East Sea Controversy, and functions of Survey of India

Who is the Surveyor General of India? Functions of Surveyor General of India? Where is Sea of Japan/East Sea? Why Japan Sagar controversy? Arguments: Japan vs S.Korea India’s Stand on Sea of Japan Food for thought Mock Questions Who is the Surveyor General of [...]

[Polity] Prohibition of Unfair Practices in Schools Bill 2012 and Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE): Features, functions

What is CABE? Objectives of the bill? Unfair Practices Prohibited under the Bill Punishment Anti-argument Mock Questions What is CABE? Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE), is the highest advisory body to advise the Union and State Governments in the field of education. Particularly for [...]

National Investment Board

[Economy] National Investment Board (NIB): Meaning, Functions, Anti-Arguments

Infrastructure Bottlenecks? What is National Investment Board (NIB)? Functions of National Investment Board (NIB)? Anti-argument/Objections against NIB? Infrastructure Bottlenecks? Infrastructure= railways, roads, ports, thermal plants etc. that are essential for other economic activities. Infrastructure projects worth over Rs 7 lakh crore are pending because [...]

[Economy] Banking Business Correspondents Agents (BCA): Meaning, functions, Financial Inclusion, Swabhimaan, Common Service Centres (CSC)

What is financial inclusion? Why Business Correspondents system? Who/What is Business correspondent? Who can become Business correspondent for Banks? Functions of Banking Business Correspondents? Swabhimaan Reforms in BC model Common BC NREGA payment Kiosk Banking BCA for Direct Cash Transfer? Mock questions What is [...]

[Economy] Banking Ombudsman: Meaning, functions, appointment, reforms explained

What is Banking Ombudsman (BO)? Appointment & Tenure Jurisdiction Procedure for getting justice? How does BO settle complaint? Punishment Appellate authority for Banking Ombudsman Reforms and Issues #1: Netbanking frauds #2: Need more BOs Location of Offices Mock questions From UPSC point of view, [...]

[Economy] Financial intermediaries: meaning, functions, examples, advantages, explained

Introduction What are financial intermediaries? Examples of Financial intermediaries Why financial intermediaries = NOT bad? Economies of scale Your Investment is safe Body of Experts and asymmetry of information Large Pool of money From Borrower’s side +ve impact on Whole economy Mock Questions Introduction [...]

[GS2] Department of Personnel & Training, Vigilance: functions, United Nations Convention against Corruption, fodder points for GS4

Prologue Functions of Pension department Pensioners’ Portal Functions of DoPT Recruitment /Appointment boards Recruiting agency vs Personnel agency Reservation in recruitment Training Administrative Vigilance UNCAC Integrity Pact Stability of Tenure Commercial Employment RTI related work Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) BOARD OF ARBITRATION (BOA) [...]

[Economy] Money-Bitcoin: Functions of Money, Exchange Medium, Transfer Value-NEFT-RTGS-Bitcoins, Money Illusion, Overcapitalization (Part 3)

Prologue Money: functions Primary functions of money #P1: As a medium of exchange #P2: As a measure of value Secondary Functions / Derivative functions #S1: As a store of value #S2: Transfer of Value / Purchasing Power Transfer of Value in Bitcoin System [...]