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[Forest Service Toppper] Prem Kumar R (Rank-70/IFS-2015) 1st Attempt, Forestry, Geology; Anna University, Tamilnadu

Candidate Profile Education Introduction Electronic Vs Paper material Tempo and style Working professional Prelims (CSAT) General studies Prelims (CSAT) Aptitude Prelim accuracy Mains Optional Subject Before the interview During the interview PHYSICAL TEST IFS-2015 Marksheet Career Backup Views on UPSC reforms Insecurity about [...]

[Result] UPSC Prelims 2013 result is out for Civil service and Forest Service

Finally, UPSC has declared the result for CSAT-prelim-2013 (for both IAS and IFS). Earlier The result system was= you enter your roll number and the UPSC website would tell you whether you’ve passed or not. But this time, UPSC adopted the desi method (uploaded [...]

[RTI] Indian Forest Services (IFoS) Mains 2013- only 515 candidates wrote GK paper, only 714 filled up DAF

This is courtesy of Mr.Alok Singh who appeared in this year’s IFoS mains exam and filed an RTI. Some interesting facts: (perhaps you already know) From CSAT 2013 (common prelims), 1061 candidates had qualified for the IFoS (Forest services) mains examination. But out of those [...]

[Result] IFoS Indian Forest Services 2013 Final result is out: total 85 candidates selected, Marksheets coming in 15 days

Topper List UPSC helpdesk IFoS Mains: October 2013 IFoS Interviews: December 2013 RTI reveals only 515 candidates wrote GK paper, only 714 filled up DAF for IFoS exam. IFoS final result: released on 29th January 2013. Final marksheets of everyone will be uploaded [...]

Environment from India Yearbook

[Yearbook] India 2014: Environment, Biodiversity, Forest, climate change: how to prepare from IYB and 12th Five year plan, with sample MCQs

Prologue Approaching Environment Biodiversity Ch1: Flora and Fauna Ch12: Environment What to Ignore [High priority]: Organizations: main [High priority]: Policies/Schemes/Projects [High priority]: Theory [Low priority] Miscellaneous organizations [Low priority] International treaties/Conventions 12th FYP plan: Ch4 and Ch7 Vol1.Ch4: Sustainable Development Vol1: Ch 7 [...]

Forest Survey -ResourceSAT area lost in jhumming

[Forest Survey 2013] Types of Forest cover, ResourceSAT, Mangroves, Agroforestry, Urban forestry & more stupid rankings

Prologue Forest Survey Report 2013 Limitations of ResourceSAT in forest survey [Act 1] Forest cover & Tree Cover How does India have 21% forest cover? Ranking: Forest covered area Ranking altitude wise Ranking: growth of Forest cover Forest cover: Misc. factoids Tree cover [...]

UPSC: Result declared for “Qatl ki Subah”- Nearly 16,900 selected for civil service mains & 1100 in forest service mains

Result PDF links @those who couldn’t clear CSAT-2014 @Those who cleared UnHelpdesk numbers RTI stonewalling continues Result withheld Mains Timetable (Civil Service) Mains Timetable (Forest Service) Result PDF links UPSC has uploaded result for CSAT-2014 preliminary exam For Civil service click me ~16,900 candidates selected. [...]

Indian Monsoon

[Geography Lecture] Indian Forest Types, Climatic Regions, Floods, Droughts, Watershed Management

Prologue G7/P5: Indian Monsoon Mechanism & seasons of India G7/P6: Climatic regions of India G7/P7: Water resource in India: Surface vs. Ground G7/P8: India- Floods, Droughts & Watershed Management Prologue These geography lectures are conducted by Ms. Rajtanil at Sardar Patel institute of Public [...]

UPSC-2016 civil services vacancies

UPSC-2016 Civil services & Forest services notification is out, no change in age, attempt, syllabus or structure of the exam

Notification released No change in Age-Attempt limit No change in structure of the exam No change in the syllabus of the exam How to prepare for UPSC? Can last semester student apply? How much fees do I need to pay? When will I [...]