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[ML16] Mains Revision & Answer Writing: Narasimha Rao: His Foreign Policy (GS1)? LPG = Growth Imp than redistribution (GS3)? Lesson from life of Reformer (GS4)?

Prologue ML16/RaoGS1: Narasimha Rao’s Diplomacy & Answer writing Basics ML16/RaoGS3: Rao’s economic reforms, liberalization & industrial policy ML16/RaoGS4: LPG Legacy: growth > redistribution? & 3 Model Answers Prologue I’m starting the new lecture series for Mains-2016 revision and answer writing. Only selected topics will be [...]

[Diplomacy] India and Middle East : Present and Future Foreign Policy by Om Kasera

This Article is by the gentleman who needs no introduction, 2011’s IAS exam topper Shri. Om Kasera. The Middle East: Present Situation India’s relationship with Middle East What’re India’s policy options in Middle East? Conclusion The Middle East: Present Situation The Middle East is a geopolitically [...]

[Economy] Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA): Meaning, Features, Controversies

What is FCRA? What is the need of FCRA Act? Who can accept Foreign Contribution? Who cannot accept Foreign Contribution? Why is FCRN Act in news? Controversy Mock Questions What is FCRA? Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) It regulates the foreign contribution (money donation) [...]

[Economy] Arbitration Act: Foreign Investment disputes

What is Arbitration? Arbitration Act Why in News? Implication of SC Judgment What is Arbitration? For smooth functioning of business and industry, Quick decision of any commercial dispute is necessary. Internationally, it is accepted that normally commercial disputes should be solved through arbitration and [...]

Mock Questions for General Studies (Mains) Paper 2: Science n Tech, Foreign Relations, International Affairs by Tushar

This is contributed by Mr.Tushar of IIT Delhi India Foreign relations International Affairs Science and Tech International organizations/Events India Foreign relations Do you think that India should conduct ASAT (Anti satellite test) to gain bargaining position in the formulation of space code of conduct that [...]

[FAQ] Is My Foreign University degree valid for UPSC Civil Service IAS IPS exam?

A Question asked by many readers: “I’ve done graduation from foreign university. Is my degree valid for UPSC IAS/IPS exam or not?” Ans. Yes, your degree is valid, but you need to get an equivalent certificate from  ASSOCIATION OF INDIAN UNIVERSITIES . Essentially, once you get your [...]

Foreign Policy of Manmohan Singh

[Diplomacy] Foreign Policy of Manmohan Singh, UPA & Congress

After victory of Narendra Modi, the Ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh automatically becomes part of the topic “Post-Independence: Foreign policies of various Prime Ministers.” for General Studies paper 2 in UPSC civil service exam. There are many possible (and better) ways to write of [...]

Fruit fly trapper pheromon

[Current] April-Week4-P2: Economy- WTO SPS Agreement EU Ban on Indian Mango, HDFC Bank Foreign Investment FII problem, SC guideline on Cheque bouncing, RBI’s Public Key infrastructure (PKI)

Prologue E1: [WTO SPS Agreement] EU Ban on Indian Mangoes Mango Ban: Timeline / Sequence of Events India’s stand on EU Mango Ban Anti-Arguments Preventive measures against Fruit Fly Sample question for Mains  E2: [Banking] HDFC Bank vs FIPB: Foreign investment Problem Foreign [...]

[Essays] January Week3: Ideological Colonization, Dovish vs Hawkish Foreign Policy, limits of free speech

Democracy, Development Globalization Society, Culture, Religion GS4 / Ethics Democracy, Development Democracy is an exercise in public reason. The democratic, intellectual and military might of Modern India. [Kiren Rijiju says these 3 will shape India’s foreign policy in years to come.] Though Directive principles [...]

Gold monetization Scheme

[Economy Lecture] Foreign Trade Policy 2015, TPP/RCEP Trade Agreements, Regionwise Strategy to boost exports

Prologue L6/P1: Crude Oil price & Gold Curbing L6/P2: Foreign trade policy 2015 L6/P3: Foreign Trade Policy 2015: region wise strategy? Prologue On 17th April 2015, I started the session on International trade subpart- Foreign Trade Policy 2015. Total 2:30 hours, split into 3 [...]