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FII sharemarket rupee weakens

[Fed Tapering:Part2 of 2] Measures to immunize Indian Economy against negative impacts of Fed Tapering, Currency Swap, Dollar Swap, FCNR swap, Brics bank explained

Prologue Desi Vaccine against Fed Tapering? Volatility in Forex market: Why should Rajan intervene? [More onions 1] BRICS bank [More onions 2] Currency Swap agreement with Japan [More onions 3] Dollar swap for Oil companies [More onions 4] FCNR swap Summary Mock Questions Prologue So [...]

What is Fed Tapering

[Fed Tapering:Part1 of 2] Meaning of Fed Tapering, its Negative Impact on Indian Economy, Worst case scenarios, Balance of Payment Crisis, explained

Prologue What is Fed tapering Why is it called Fed Tapering? How can Fed Tapering affect India? Worst case scenario [WCS] by Fed Tapering WCS1: Hot money gone / Flight of Capital WCS2: Weaker Rupee= bigger CAD + bigger inflation WCS3: Exports may [...]