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[Economy] The FDI in Retail business pro-cons Single brand vs Multibrand Retail

In the fond memories of Dev Anand, What’s the difference between Single brand vs Multibrand retail? Single Brand retail · Nike Company opens outlets in A’bad, Banglore, Delhi and Mumbai selling nothing but Nike Shoes, Nike wrist-watches and Nike t-shirts only. · This is single brand retail. · FDI [...]

[Economy] Insurance Types, IRDA, Reforms, FDI in Insurance for AFPC, LIC AAO etc exams

IRDA What are the functions of IRDA? Organizational setup of IRDA Insurance Ombudsman Functions of Insurance Ombudsman Selection of Ombudsman Insurance Policies: Types General Insurance Life Insurance Nationalization of Insurance business Foreign Direct Investment in Insurance Reform in Insurance sector Already Done by [...]

[Economic Survey Ch5] Financial Intermediaries: Insurance Sector: issues, reforms, Bancassurance, FDI (part 1 of 3)

Introduction Insurance: intro Insurance Penetration Insurance density FDI in insurance Insurance amendment bill 2008 What is Bancassurance? Example of Bankcassurance Bancassurance: pros and cons Chindu’s revival package for insurance sector Chindu’s Budget speech: Insurance Reforms New branches Banks as insurance brokers Claims New [...]

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[Economic Survey Ch5] Financial Intermediaries: Capital Market: External Commercial Borrowing (ECB), AIF, QFI, FII, FDI, FSDC (part 2 of 3)

Financial market Primary market: importance? Reform: ECB What is ECB? Who can borrow? Reforms in ECB? Reform: IDR fungibility What is ADR? What is IDR? IDR: Two way fungibility? Reform: FDI vs FII definition FII inflow increased FII reform? FDI reform? QFI What [...]

India FDI limits & Dumping

[Food Processing] Export, Dumping, FDI, Finance, Taxation, Budget Provisions, CODEX, NWR, BRGF, RKVY

Prologue Agriculture Export Tariff Barrier Dumping Non-Tariff Barrier CODEX standards HACCP FDI: Agro, Food Processing, Retail FDI: Agriculture FDI: Food processing FDI: Retail FDI: Multibrand Retail Difference In Single Vs Multibrand Retail? The Diluted Conditions Finance Why can’t Farmer get loans easily? Negotiable [...]

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[Economy] Current 2014 Feb Week 1: FDI, Regulatory Bodies, Infrastructure (Part 2 of 3)

Prologue [Act III] FDI related current affairs [2014FebWeek1] [FDI] Multi brand Retail: “Gaddari” by Delhi & Rajasthan [FDI] Lobbying by Walmart and Amazon [FDI] Railways: FM, HM oppose Chinese FDI [FDI] Drugs Pharmaceuticals [FDI] Vodafone: fully foreign owned [FDI] Andhra favorite despite Telengana [...]

Economic Survey ch11 Indian Railbudget topics index

[Infrastructure] Rail-Budget 2014, Tariff Authority, Biodiesel, Biotoilets, FDI & more

Prologue [Act 1] Railways: GK & Static Theory Railway budget vs General Budget Railway Gauges (British Legacy) Railways: Train types [Act 2] Railways: Current / Contemporary topics C1: Pir Panjal Tunnel, Qazigund Banihal C2: What is Cross subsidization in Railways? C3: What is [...]

Cover Economic Survey Shipping aviation

[Infrastructure] Shipping & Port infrastructure, Major ports, FDI, Sethu Samudram, Budget 2014 announcement

Prologue [Act 1] Shipping S1: Major ports on West Coast S2: Major Ports on East Coast S3: Economic Survey: Shipping reforms S4: Budget 2014: Shipping related announcement S4: TAMP: Tariff Authority for Major Ports S5: Sethu Samudram Prologue Economic Survey Ch11. Energy, Infrastructure and Communications. [...]

Cover Economic Survey Service tax

[Industries] Service Sector- service tax, negative list, FDI limits, ICT, Tourism, Trade, R&D, Budget 2014 provisions

[Act 1] Services: theory and statistics Service Tax: theory Services kept out? Service tax: negative list (17 services) Budget 2014: Service Tax provisions Service sector vs GDP, Employment Service sector: FDI [Act 2] Tourism sector Budget 2014: tourism related Sacred Rivers E-Visa [Act [...]

[Defense Diplomacy] Defense FDI relaxed, Navy War-room leak, Exercise Komodo

D1: Exercise Komodo D2: Defense FDI reformed D3: Navy War-room leak & Transfer of Technology contracts D1: Exercise Komodo @Indonesia (28th March to 3rd April) 2014 Navies of many countries: India, Indonesia, USA, China, Russia etc. India has sent INS Sukanya with Chetak helicopter. This [...]


[Economy Lecture] Insurance Sector: Evolution, Nationalization, Malhotra Reforms, 49% FDI & 2015 Amendment

Prologue L2/P10: Social Security, ESCI, EPFO, NPS and Atal Pension scheme L2/P11: Insurance- History and nationalization in India L2/P12: Insurance Evolution and Nationalization in India L2/P13: IRDAI: structure function and reforms under Insurance amendment 2015 L2/P14: MicroInsurance, PM Jeevan Jyoti & Suraksha Bima [...]