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[Download] UPSC Mains-GS4: Topicwise ALL Case Studies & Questions from 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 papers of Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude

Trend Analysis of GS4 Ethics Paper 2016 Themes in UPSC case studies [Block#1] Basic, Thinkers, EQ Ethics- Basic Theory Emotional intelligence & Allied Topics Thinkers and Reformers [Block#2] Surroundings Attitude Family, Society Social influence [Block#3] Job Sarkaari Job Values Work Culture @Office Compassion [...]

2nd ARC Ethics and Corruption mindmap

[Polity] 2nd ARC Ethics and Corruption (4th Report): Election Reforms, State Funding of Elections

What is Ethics? What is Rule of Law? Two Viewpoints in Fighting Corruption 3 Factors behind Corruption in India Politics and Ethics Election =Mother of corruption Criminalization of politics Election reforms already in process Election Funding Three Patterns of State Funding of Elections [...]

[Ethics] UPSC uploads sample questions for General Studies (GS) Mains Paper 4 (Ethics, Integrity AND Aptitude)

Prologue Three Questions on Theory/Definition/Essay 1. Ethical human conduct 2. Definitions 3. Inspiration Three Case studies Case study#1: sexual harassment Case Study#2: Cheater friend Case Study#3: Bogus Sarkari hospital Prologue Finally, UPSC has uploaded a sample paper for GS4 (Ethics) for mains exam: They gave total [...]

ethics-dev vs pran

[Ethics] Samples questions based on ethics courses of San Diego and Texas University

Few weeks back, UPSC had uploaded Ethics case study sample questions for the GS paper IV click me. Continuing on that line, here are some more sample questions on “ethics”. Although this article itself is full of not-so-ethical-behavior, because I haven’t designed most of these [...]

[Ethics] Sample Questions, Case studies for UPSC General studies paper 4 based on Donald Menzel’s book

Prologue Essay-ish / Abstract Questions Ethics Case Studies / Role playing Questions Disobeying an informal order Returning unspent money Misleading for good purpose Private matter of Public employee? Political neutrality Political neutrality Part.2 Salary hike vs Team spirit Holding Charity Auctions in the [...]

[Ethics] Conduct rules: Meaning, implication, examples, misconduct vs.crime and case studies

Prologue Conduct rules Difference: Court vs Departmental Proceedings Conduct rules: Examples #1: Conduct Rules4 Office Life #2: Conduct Rules4 Public Life #3: Conduct rules4 Financial Life #4: Conduct Rules4 Personal life Cases studies Seeking written order when unnecessary Disobeying written order where necessary [...]

[Ethics] Complaints: sources, types, actions, case studies

Prologue Sources of Complaint From Anonymous/ pseudonymous From Whistleblowers Oral Complaints From Civil Society From Media Reports Classifying the complaint types #1: Vigilance Angle #2: Administrative Angle #3: Criminal Angle Case studies Prologue In the previous article we checked conduct rules: meaning, examples, case [...]

[Ethics] Enquries: Preliminary, Discreet, Regular; Prevention of Corruption Act features, Investigation & case studies

Prologue Preliminary Enquiry What is a preliminary enquiry? No protection to Accused Cautions Resignation during Prelim Enquiry Bogus Complaints Discreet Enquiry Discreet Enquiry of All India Services Members(AIS) Regular Enquiry Surprise checks Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA), 1988 Special judges Who can investigate? [...]

[Ethics] Traps in Bribery case: features, safeguards, Phenolphthalein Test & case studies

Prologue Traps against Bribe takers: salient feature Secret Verification Prior permission required Registration of FIR Independent Witnesses Phenolphthalein Test Search of premises Trap Success Trap Failure Trap Failure: follow up action? Loan theory Supreme Court on Trap failures Action against Bribe givers CBI [...]

[Ethics] Suspension: Meaning, Features, Reasons; Death, Resignation, Promotion during suspension & Case Studies

Prologue Suspension Suspension: salient features? Suspending AIS officers Suspending Officers on deputation Suspension: When? Must be suspended? Arrest and Automatic suspension Salary during Suspension Part time job during Suspension Resignation during Suspension? Reinstatement Posting after reinstatement? Promotion during Suspension: Sealed Cover Procedure Death [...]


[Download] General Studies Paper4: Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude, 20% repeat questions from UPSC’s own sample paper

Prologue Repeated Qs. from official sample paper! Section 1: theory/definitions [125m] #1: Term/Definition based questions (35m) #2: Personal opinion/Experience based (40m) #3: Quote Based Questions (50m) Section-B Case Studies [125m] Case#1: RTI: To hide or not to hide (20m|250w) Case#2: Engineer: Bogus flyover [...]

Topper-CSE-2013-Rank-481-Dinesh Bishnoi

[Topper’s Interview] Dinesh Bishnoi (CSE-2013/AIR-481): First Attempt, B.Tech Rajasthan, IBPS ranker shares his ethics case studies & mains experiance

Candidate profile Education Introduction Electronic Vs Paper material Tempo and style Prelims (CSAT) General studies Prelims (CSAT) Aptitude prelim accuracy Mains: Compulsory language paper Mains: Essay General Studies (Mains) paper 1 General studies (Mains) paper 2 General studies (Mains) Paper 3 General Studies [...]