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[Economy] Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), Gold Deposit scheme, Elasticity of Demand explained

Gold deposit scheme (1999) Gold Exchange traded fund (2006) What is exchange traded funds? How does ETF work? How does Gold ETF work? Gold ETF: Pros Gold ETF: Cons Linking Gold ETF with Gold Deposit Scheme (2013) Gold deposit scheme (2013) Gold =Inelastic? [...]

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[Industries] Public Sector Undertakings, CPSE-ETF, Disinvestment, NIF, Mini-Nav-Maharatna

Prologue [Act 1] PSU Classification Classification #1: where they operate? Classification #2: How they were born? [Act 2] Disinvestment National investment fund (NIF-2005) [Act 3] CPSE-ETF Exchange traded fund How is CPSE ETF different from Mutual funds? [Act 4] Various “Ratna” for PSU Prologue Economic [...]