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[SBI PO] Halltickets, English Objective and Descriptive paper, Essays, precis practice and free study material

SBI Hall Tickets English Breakup: MCQs English in SSC CGL vs SBI PO: Similarity English in SSC CGL vs SBI PO: Difference English Breakup: Descriptive (50 Marks) Letter writing Precis Essay writing Why Essay is extremely important? Essay: fundamental principles Essay: Grabbing the [...]

[Essays] September Week1: 16 Topics for UPSC Mains- Expansionism, Buried Justice, India-the Model international citizen

Write Essay on any one of the following topics. 2500 words, 3 hours. Combination of `Samata` (equality) and `Mamata` (motherly love) would lead to `Samarasta` (social harmony). (Modi while praising Ayyankali) Development (Vikaswaad) vs Expansionism (Vistarwaad) [Modi in Japan] Economic aggression may soon become [...]

[Essays] September Week2: 21 Topics for UPSC Mains: Fanaticism, Colonizing Culture, Age of Loneliness, piecemeal WW-III

Write Essay on one of the following topics. 2500 words, 3 hours.  “Sectarianism, bigotry, and its horrible descendant, fanaticism, have long possessed this beautiful earth. They have filled the earth with violence, drenched it often and often with human blood, destroyed civilization and sent [...]

[Essays] September Week3: India-China, Zero Sum Game, Parliamentary minority, Daughter aversion

Write Essay on any one of the following topics. 2500 words, 3 hours. International relations, Diplomacy Democracy and governance Social Issues and Women empowerment Education, Economy, HRD International relations, Diplomacy International cooperation is not a “zero sum game.” If “world’s factory” and “world’s back office” [...]

[Essays] September Week4: De-bureaucratizing the executive, Hidden Euthanasia, Gender equality

Democracy and Bureaucracy Bureaucracy, Ethic and accountability Economy Rights issue Science-tech & environment Security Democracy and Bureaucracy Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind. (Einstein) A Constitution always integrates, it never divides. (Modi during Nepal visit). Welfareist role of the [...]

[Essays] October Week1: Colonization, Gandhiism, Volunteerism, Personification, Social Transformation

Write an essay on any one of the following topics, in not more than 2500 words. (250 marks) Democracy, Extremism Society, Rights issues Gandhi Sanitation Education Democracy, Extremism Indian Subcontinent benefited more than it lost from the British Colonization. (Ref This IE column) Entrepreneurship, civil [...]

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[Essays] October Week2: Corruption, Child Labour, Probity, Good Governance, Injustice, Optimism

Corruption and Crime Public Services and Accountability Governance India and World Society and Religion Write an essay on any one of the following topics, in not more than 2500 words. (250 marks) Corruption and Crime Indian way of life has made all laws and institutions [...]

[Essays] October Week3: Militant Atheism, Rational Consumption, Ecocide, Prosperity without Morality

India, Governance Science/IT/Technology Literature Development vs Environment History, Culture, Society, religion Write an essay on any one of the following topics, in not more than 2500 words. (250 marks): India, Governance India needs hard power — economic, military, scientific, political and diplomatic. Governance requires persistence, [...]

[Essays] October Week4: End of American Century, Activism vs Restrain, Censorship vs Lynching

IR, Security Democracy Ethics, Accountability Indian Economy, Development Education, Science, Public health IR, Security The end of American century is nigh. Parliament- the very heart of a democracy. (Context: Terrorist attacks on Canadian parliament and earlier on Indian parliament.) Can India carve out a [...]

[Essays] November Week1: New Urbanism, Regional Chauvinism, Majoritarian Populism

Democracy Economy, Development Science, Religion, society Environment, Healthcare Want to participate? Democracy True character of a democratic country is in its adherence to the due process of law. (during SC hearing on custodial torture.) Regional chauvinism- the biggest threat to federalism. Majoritarian Populism is [...]

[Essays] November Week2: Nehru legacy, knowledge society, age of discontinuity (only Topiclists)

Nehru related Indian Society, Culture & women Globalization Education, Science, Religion Want to participate? Nehru related Has India fulfilled Nehru’s vision of a liberal, democratic and united nation? What is the Nehruvian legacy? (this column in hindu) Nehru- the man who read history, wrote [...]