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Opportunities of North East- Destination Northeast

OPPORTUNITIES of NORTH EAST- DESTINATION NORTHEAST   Recently Destination Northeast was organised by the Ministry of Development of North-Eastern Region (DoNER) and Ministry of Culture, the festival showcased the inherent economic, social and cultural strength of the North East Region (NER) at the national level. The [...]

[Diplomacy] India and Middle East : Present and Future Foreign Policy by Om Kasera

This Article is by the gentleman who needs no introduction, 2011’s IAS exam topper Shri. Om Kasera. The Middle East: Present Situation India’s relationship with Middle East What’re India’s policy options in Middle East? Conclusion The Middle East: Present Situation The Middle East is a geopolitically [...]

Map sea of japan or japan sagar

[Diplomacy] Japan Sagar/ East Sea Controversy, and functions of Survey of India

Who is the Surveyor General of India? Functions of Surveyor General of India? Where is Sea of Japan/East Sea? Why Japan Sagar controversy? Arguments: Japan vs S.Korea India’s Stand on Sea of Japan Food for thought Mock Questions Who is the Surveyor General of [...]

Map South East Asia

[Diplomacy] East Asia Summit, Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), Nalanda Project, Issues, Challanges India-China-US

Who are East Asia Summit Members? What are EAS priority areas? What is Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)? Why is RCEP important? Mohan’s Address to 7th East Asia Summit What is EAS Declaration on ASEAN connectivity? What is Nalanda University Project? What is [...]

Map israel gaza palestine

[Middle-East] Palestine becomes UN Non-Member Observer, Hamas-Fatah Join hands in Unity Deal

D1: Palestine wants to join UN bodies D2: Israel-Palestine: HAMAS-FATAH Unity Deal D1: Palestine wants to join UN bodies Background for the full historic coverage of Israel-Palestine, read my earlier article click me 2012: Palestine given UN Non-Member observer status, and thus become eligible to [...]

Map Iran Nuclear Sites

[Diplomacy] Middle East: Iran-US Nuclear Dead & Operation Raahat to rescue Indians from Yemen

Prologue Iran-US Deal: Various Names Salient Features of the Deal Why Iran and West Agreed? Indian interest in E3+3 deal Chinese Interests? Operation Raahat Fateh Ali Khan Reasons for conflict: Features of Op.Raahat: Challenges in Op.Raahat Lessons for future Prologue Since December 2014 Week1, [...]


[Geography Lecture] World Geography- China, Japan, Russia & South East Asia: Resources distribution for GS Mains

Prologue G10/P1: World Geography- China G10/P2: World Geography- Japan G10/P3: World Geography- Russia G10/P4: World Geography- South East Asia Prologue After this lecture, mains result came out, so Ms.Rajtanil won’t be conducting any more sessions till her own UPSC interview is over. So, geography [...]

[Geography Lecture] World Geography- West Asia, Middle East, Africa & Australia- resource distribution for Mains GS1

Prologue G10/P5: World Geography- West Asia, Middle East G10/P6: World Geography- Africa G10/P7: World Geography- Australia Prologue Ms. Rajtanil back from her UPSC interview and continuing from where she had left- World Geography. In this lecture conducted on 6th June 2015, she covered West [...]

ISIS Islamic State

[Internal Security] ISIS Islamic State, Left Wing Extremism, North East Insurgency, Communalism, Secularism Revision by Pratik Nayak

Prologue IR1/P1: ISIS-Islamic State-Rise & Implications on India’s security IS1/P1: Internal Security-Naxal Movement & Left Wing Extremism in India IS1/P2: Internal Security-Insurgency in North East IS2/P3: (Self Study) GS1: Communalism, Secularism Prologue Mr.Pratik Nayak (CEPT University) will be covering selected topics from Internal security [...]