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Write down the importance of productivity

Ans. In India, an autonomous organization known as National Productivity Council (N.P.C.) was established in 1958 and has set up 5 regional productivity directorates in the country managed by specialists for organizing productivity programmers. It has also established 4 ?local councils at various industrial [...]

Write down the limitations of input-output analysis.

Ans. Input-output analysis has the following limitations - (i) The input-output analysis is based on the basic premise that the input coefficients are fixed. There is constant returns to scale in production and techniques of production remain unchanged. (ii) The assumption of fixed coefficients of production [...]

Write down the types and components of input-output model.

Ans. Input-output· models are classified in two categories. These are as follows- (i) Open Input-output Model- In such type of model, total output is consumed both by the intermediate demand and the final demand. Open input-output model is generally preferred. (ii) Closed Input-output Model- In such type [...]

Write down the uses and limitations of break-evell analysis.

Ans. Uses and Limitation- Break-even analysis helps the management in knowing the relationship between cost, volume of production and profits or losses. By dividing the total cost into fixed and variable, management can determine the point up to which it must carry on production [...]

Write down the names of important authorities in an industry and explain their duties and responsibilities.

Ans. Important Authorities in an Industry - There are various types of authority in an industry – (i) Line Authority and its Duties and Responsibilities – Line authority is the basic authority in an industry, is the ultimate authority to  command, act, decide, approve or [...]

Write down the significance of managerial economics. Or Write short note on managerial economics as a decision making tool.

Ans. Management is concerned with decision-making, and decision-making requires a balance between simplification of analysis to be manageable and complications for handling a variety of factors and objectives. Furthermore, it also requires common sense and good judgment. Therefore, managerial economics is helpful in decision-making process [...]

Write down the contributions of Henry L. Gantt and Gilbreths.

Ans. Contributions of Henry L.Gantt - Henry L.Gantt worked under Taylor, He was also a close associate of Taylor. Gantt has a humanistic approach. He was more concerned with the man behind the machine. He made some improvements In the differential piece rate system of [...]

Write down the essential elements of the organization process.

Ans. The logical steps involved in the process of organization are - (i) Determination of Objectives, Strategies, Plans and Policies - Organization is a tool which is applied for the attainment of the objectives of the business. Therefore, objectives should be clear, precise, and complete [...]

Write down the advantages of line organization.

Ans. Advantages - (i) It is simple and easy to understand. (ii) It is flexible-easy to expand and contract. (iii) It is strong in discipline as it fixes responsibility on an (iv) It is capable of developing the all-round executive at the levels of authority. ( v) It encourages [...]

Write down the advantages of centralized administration.

Ans. Advantages of centralized administration are as follows - (i) It facilitates integration of efforts. (ii) It makes communication and control easier in the (iii) There is uniformity in action throughout the organization thus, co-ordination can be achieved easily. (iv) It helps in reducing wastage of efforts by [...]

Write down the application of Schrodinger equation when a particle is trapped in 3D potential box.

Ans. Assume that a particle inside a 3D infinite trap volume L3 with impenetrable walls as shown in fig. 1.36. Then the generalized Schrodinger equation in three dimensional is given as- Nanoparticles with a fraction of a nanometer to a few tens of nanometers size can be [...]

Write down the application of time independent Schrodinger wave equation to particle trapped in a one dimensional square potential well.

Ans. Assume, a particle is trapped in 1D according to the following potential distribution - finite inside the well. Hence the Schrodinger equation becomes -                                       ....(ii) The general solution of this second-order linear differential equation will be where, A 1 = 2iA, called the normalization constant and can [...]