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How is ARM Programming Different?

  Programming ARM MCUs – What is Different? There are very, very few engineers or electronics enthusiasts who started programming with ARM microcontrollers right away. Most come to ARM looking for higher processing capabilities, with a background in simple 8-bit MCUs. In the previous article on How [...]

[Q] mains answering the question with different phrases like Discuss, Critically analyse, Evaluate, Elucidate

Q. Can you clarify the meaning and approach one should follow while answering the question with different phrases like Discuss, Critically analyse, Evaluate, Elucidate etc. -Pratap Following is Copy paste from Sivaharimani’s thread on IO forum How to Write Answers The civil services main exam consists of descriptive [...]

[Economy] Different Types of Companies: Pvt.Ltd, Public Ltd., Public Corporation, Departmental Undertaking, PSUs

Paid up Capital Private company Public company Holding company and subsidiary company Departmental undertakings Government Company Public corporation PSU (Public Sector undertakings) Paid up Capital This word is going to keep reappearing in next few articles, so better understand it in advance. You already [...]

What are different types of cost ? How would you calculate the cost of a finished product?

Ans. Fixed or constant costs are the part of the total cost of the firm which does not vary with output, for example, rent of land and buildings, expenditures or depreciation, property taxes etc. When the period under consideration is sufficiently long to permit [...]

Are management and administration different ? Discuss various Functions of management comparing with that of administration. Or What are the differences between management and administration ?

Ans. In the study of the management literature, the use of the terms management and administration has been a controversial issue. Some of the writers do not find any difference between the two terms, while there are also some writers who maintain the administration [...]

Classify and elaborate in detail, the various meanings of management given by different writers.

Ans. Depending on context and purpose, there are several meanings of The term management'. Almost, everyone has opinions about what management Is As a result, there is no definition of management on which everyone agrees. There is no universally accepted standard definition of management. [...]

Explain the idea of ballistic transport, including the various length scales that define different transport regions.

Ans. Conductivity is a bulk parameter, and is derived assuming a large number of electrons and a large number of collisions between electrons and phonons, impurities, imperfections, etc. In particular, if length L of a conduction path is reduced to become much less than [...]

Explain the mechanism of conduction in different structure.

Ans. Electrical conductivity in thin metallic discontinuous granular films, is thermally  activated type and much smaller than that of bulk material. Also the conductivity is field dependent- Ohmic at low field but non-linear at higher fields. The conduction process can be explained by various [...]