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White Label ATM

[Banking] White Label ATM: Meaning, Features, Advantages, Limitations, Financial Inclusion, Nested Design, Contagion Risk

What is White label-ATM? What’s the difference between Brown label vs White label ATM? Stakeholder/Players in White label ATM game? Why do we need White Label ATM? How does White Label ATM help in financial inclusion? Facilities @White label ATM? Where does the [...]

NSDA report on skill Development

[HRD] Government Intervention for Skill development, issues from design & implementation for GS Mains2

Prologue What’re the problems? What’re the solutions? #1: define “skill development” #2: Decide Outcomes #3: Cash-funding on outcomes #4: Motivate both trainee and trainer #5: Monitor beneficiaries Appendix: NSDA vs NSDC Prologue 2013, December: Panel to rationalize various skill Development schemes. It gave report [...]

Policy design intervention

[Mains Revision] Policy Design & Implementation, Hunger & Food processing, Health & Ayush with Answer writing Practice

Prologue ML2/P1: Policy design & implementation for GS2 ML2/P2: Hunger, Food security & food processing ML2/P3: Public Health- IMR, MMR, MDG; Public health policy, AYUSH Prologue Continuation of my lecture series on Mains revision – only selected topics will be covered Lecture Videos available [...]