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Banking: Standing Deposit Facility (SDF), Tri-Party Repo, Countercyclic Capital Buffer (CCCB), BASEL-III Recapitalization & Indradhanush

Banking: PCA Framework, Countercyclical capital buffer (CCCB) and BASEL-III Capitalization Norms Banks must maintain an adequate capital base to protect themselves against “bank runs” and NPAs. Therefore, BASEL Committee on banking supervision has prescribed certain norms. First: they must maintain a minimum capital to [...]

[Economy] Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), Gold Deposit scheme, Elasticity of Demand explained

Gold deposit scheme (1999) Gold Exchange traded fund (2006) What is exchange traded funds? How does ETF work? How does Gold ETF work? Gold ETF: Pros Gold ETF: Cons Linking Gold ETF with Gold Deposit Scheme (2013) Gold deposit scheme (2013) Gold =Inelastic? [...]

RPA Modi Selfi FIR

[Elections] Indelible Ink, Registered Party, Star Campaigner, Deposit Amount, RPA Section 126, 130

P1: RPA Section 126-A and 130: Modi’s Selfi P2: Indelible ink: Principle P3: Booth Officer P4: Benefits of registered political party P5: Election Deposit Lost P1: RPA Section 126-A and 130: Modi’s Selfi Topic important because after voting in Ahmedabad, Narendra Modi gave a press [...]