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Can Big Data Analytics lead to eColonisation of India, China’s inroads into Myanmar Current Affairs 15th June, 2017

Can Big Data Analytics lead to eColonisation of India: What is Big Data? Big Data, as the term implies, refers to the storage of unusually large magnitude of data in electronic form (order of terabytes and higher). Big Data in itself hold no significance. It is [...]

[Answerkey] Reading Comprehension (RC), Maths & Data Interpretation (DI) questions in UGC JRF/NET-2017 solved WITHOUT Calculator

Maths Questions in UGC-NET/JRF 2017 exam Data Interpretation in UGC NET exam: How to prepare? DI-SET#1: virus corrupted HDD DI SET #2: Publication revenue RC Passage: literature, partition and great war Maths Questions in UGC-NET/JRF 2017 exam In NET exam, UGC asks hardly 1 [...]

[Aptitude] Data Sufficiency (DS): Simple Equation, Partnership, TnW

DS Case: Simple Equation Rule#1 Remember to Forget Rule#2: Don’t calculate exact value DS Case: Square roots DS case: Partnership DS Case: Time and Work   DS Case: Simple Equation C=a+b, what is the value of C? I. a=5 II. b=3 Answer choice: A. Question can be answered using statement [...]

Statistics Formula Chart

[Statistics for GS] Ungrouped Data: Mean Median Mode,QD,MD and SD (Youtube Videos)

Introduction to types of questions and Data Types Ungrouped Data- How to find Mean Median Mode Ungrouped Data How to find Quartile Deviation Ungrouped Data-How to find Mean Deviation Ungrouped Data- How to find Standard Deviation and Variance Ready Reference Chart [Statistics for GS] [...]

Statistics Formula Chart

[Statistics for GS] Discrete Data: Find Standard Deviation, Mean Deviation, QD, Mean,Median and Mode (Youtube Videos)

Discrete Data- How to calculate Mean Median and Mode Discrete Data-Find Quartile Deviation Discrete Data- Find Mean Deviation Discrete Data- Find Standard Deviation (SD) and Variance Ready Reference Chart Statistics Video Series Discrete Data- How to calculate Mean Median and Mode Discrete Data-Find Quartile [...]

Statistics Formula Chart

[Statistics for GS] Continuous Data Series: Find Standard Deviation, MD,QD,Median and Mode (Youtube Videos)

Continuous Data : Find Mean (Average) Continuous Data: Find Median Continuous Data: Find Mode Continuous Data Find Quartile Deviation (QD) Continuous Data Series Find Mean Deviation (MD) Continuous Data Find Standard Deviation Ready Reference Chart Statistics Video Series Continuous Data : Find Mean (Average) This [...]

Mrunal's Auto Notemaker for PDF files & The Hindu

[Tech] Mrunal’s Auto NoteMaker for The Hindu & PDF files: Grab Data by Mouse, Make Notes without typing!

Imagine that you’re reading a newspaper or book. All you’ve to do is just keep highlighting important lines and phrases, and someone automatically copies them and prepares a separate note for you, in other words an Auto Notemaker! Convenient, time saver, miraculous. And yes, it [...]

Data Interpretation

[Aptitude] Data Interpretation (DI): Bar and Pie chart practice Questions with Explanation

@CSAT/IBPS aspirants. First solve these two DI (Data Interpretation) sets on your own, using pen and paper. Then scroll down and check answer/explanations/shortcuts. Time: 30 mins. Correct Ans: 1 m, Wrong answer=-0.33 m. Data Interpretation  Set#1: Pie Chart DI Set#2: Pie-Chart CO2 Emission DI Set [...]

chart IBPS Reasoning

[Studyplan] IBPS CWE PO/MT: Reasoning, topicwise analysis, priority topics, syllogism, assumption-inference, sitting arrangement, Non-Verbal, data sufficiency

IBPS Reasoning: Internal breakup Booklist for IBPS Reasoning Preparation Priority#1: Sitting Arrangement Priority#2: High level Reasoning Priority#3: Non Verbal Reasoning Priority#4: Input output Priority#5: filler topics IBPS Reasoning: Internal breakup Reasoning Area topic wise breakup 2011 2012 Diagram/Arrangement type Direction based test 1 0 Sitting Arrangement 12 18 subtotal Chart based reasoning 13 18 Conventional Reasoning Dictionary based [...]

chart IBPS Data interpretation and mathematices

[Studyplan] IBPS CWE PO/MT: Quantitative Aptitude, Maths, Data Interpretation (DI), Speed Maths

IBPS Data Interpretation & Maths: Internal breakup Ignore following topics Speed Maths Booklist for IBPS Data Interpretation & Quantitative Aptitude #1: Data Interpretation (DI) #2: BODMAS/Simplification #3: Number sequence-series #4: Linear Equations #5: Permutation-Combination-Probability #6: Average #7: Ratio-Proportion-variations #8: Percentages, profit-loss, SI-CI #9: [...]


[Answerkey] CAPF-2013: Aptitude, Maths, Reasoning, Data interpretation solved with explanation

Analysis Aptitude-Internal breakup Maths Profit Loss Basic numeracy/algebra Ratio Time-Speed-Distance-Work Geometry Data interpretation Reasoning Sequence-Series Coding decoding Logical Venn Diagram Clock-Calendar Non-Verbal Aptitude-Analysis Questions not too difficult. Still, if you couldn’t solve all 20 questions accurately, it means (1) you didn’t know the concept/formula/theory [...]

CSAT Aptitude Paper 2 Analysis overall

[Studyplan] CSAT Aptitude Paper 2: Maths & Data Interpretation-High priority topics, Sample Questions, free studymaterial (part 2 of 3)

Math haters are grave diggers #1: 2012 unlikely to repeat #2: GS Strength doesn’t compensate math weakness #3: One lakh Delhi aspirants #4: Maths = competitive edge + peace of mind Mathematics: What to ignore? Doubtful syllabus topics in Mathematics Highest priority (finish [...]