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[Economy] A story of Forex, currency conversion, rupee depreciation, inflation, subsidies etc.

Again in the fond memories of Dev Anand. I’m writing this story so that the newcomers can get some idea about Forex, currency conversion, rupee depreciation, inflation, subsidies etc. (caution : full of technically not-so-correct examples, just to give you a broad idea of what [...]

[Economic Survey Ch6] Balance of Payments, Forex Reserves, Currency Exchange, NEER, REER

What is Balance of Payment? Why BoP = 0 in theory? Convertibility Rupee-Dollar Exchange rate Building up Foreign Exchange Reserves FOREIGN EXCHANGE RESERVES FOREX Reserve: India vs other Why volatility in rupee? How did rupee recover? Exchange Rate of Other Emerging Economies NEER [...]

FII sharemarket rupee weakens

[Fed Tapering:Part2 of 2] Measures to immunize Indian Economy against negative impacts of Fed Tapering, Currency Swap, Dollar Swap, FCNR swap, Brics bank explained

Prologue Desi Vaccine against Fed Tapering? Volatility in Forex market: Why should Rajan intervene? [More onions 1] BRICS bank [More onions 2] Currency Swap agreement with Japan [More onions 3] Dollar swap for Oil companies [More onions 4] FCNR swap Summary Mock Questions Prologue So [...]


[Economy Lecture] Bitcoins, Virtual Currency, Silkroad, Mt-Gox, IMF-SDR Gold standard, WTO structure-functions

Prologue L6/P1: IMF, SDR, Quota reform & Gold standard Exchange rate L6/P2: WTO, Bali Package, Food subsidy issue, TFA L6/P3: Money- evolution and functions L6/P4: Bitcoins- mechanism, money laundering, RBI’s stand Prologue On 27th February 2015, My lecture at IMF-WTO-Bitcoin at Sardar Patel institute [...]