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[Economy] Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) Controversy between SBI & RBI: meaning, implication on Economy Explained

What is CRR? What is Scheduled Commercial Bank? Examples of Scheduled Commercial Banks Case #1: High CRR and SLR Case #2: Low CRR and SLR Repo Rate Reverse Repo Rate Bank Rate What is the need of all these CRR,SLR,Repo rates? What is [...]

[Economy] Liquidity Adjustment facility (LAF), Marginal Standing facility (MSF), Repo, reverse repo, SLR, CRR, NEFT, RTGS, NDTL: meaning explained

Liquidity? What is Cash reserve ratio (CRR)? WHY CRR: Cash reserve ratio? WHY SLR: Statutory liquidity ratio? Bank Runs: SLR+CRR WHY Priority Sector lending? What is NDTL? Reverse repo rate? What is repo rate? Repo rate vs Bank rate? What is LAF? What [...]

Nachiket Committee recommendations

[Banking] Nachiket Committee: Remove SLR, Reduce CRR, Raise PSL to 50%, Increase Loan Access: Issues, implications explained

Prologue Accepting Deposits: Why Remove SLR? Why Priority sector lending? What if PSL target not met? Additional safeguards under PSL PSL target raised to 50% Base Rate Agri. interest subvention scheme Debt relief= bad habits PSL: Misc. Issues/recommendations Mock Questions Prologue So far, we’ve seen [...]

Monetary Policy Tool: How repo rate works?

[Banking] Monetary Policy: Quantitative & Qualitative Tools, applications & limitations MSF, LAF, Repo, OMO, CRR, SLR, Revisited before upcoming Urjit Article

Prologue What is monetary policy? Quantitative Tools #1: Reserve Ratios (SLR and CRR) #2: Open Market Operation (OMO) #3: Policy Rate Bank Rate Liquidity Adjustment facility (LAF) LAF Repo Rate Marginal Standing facility (MSF) Reverse repo Rate Repo Rate in recent years: Monetary [...]

Mrunal Lecture Video SPIPA

[Economy Lecture1] Banking: Monetary Policy- Quantitative Tools: SLR, CRR, OMO, LAF, MSF, Repo rate & limitations

Prologue Lecture1: P1- Overview of Economy preparation Lecture1: P2- Banking Monetary Policy Lecture1: P3- Bank Rate, Repo Rate, LAF, MSF Lecture1: P4- Limitations of Monetary policy Prologue My economy lectures for UPSC-2015 batch have started at SPIPA, Ahmedabad (run by Government of Gujarat.) I’ve [...]