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Core Zone and Buffer Zone in Tiger Tourism area

[Environment] SC Ban on Tiger Tourism, Core and Buffer Areas, Project Tiger, NTCA Guidelines explained

What is core zones and Buffer Zone? What is Project Tiger? What is NTCA? Concept of Umbrella Species Timeline of Events Pro Arguments for Tiger Tourism Misleading information by Media Employment Tiger Tourism actually helps the tigers Ban on Tourism hurts the tigers [...]


[Economy] Index Theory: WPI, CPI, IIP, Components, Baseyear; Core vs Headline inflation, Laspeyre’s formula explained

Prologue [Act 1] WHO calculates WPI, CPI, IIP? [Act 2] WHEN they publish WPI, CPI, IIP? [Act 3] WHERE do they get data for WPI, CPI, IIP? WPI Data Collection CPI Data collection IIP Data Collection [Act 4] WHAT are the components of [...]