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[Economy] Reliance KG Basin Issue : Reason, Controversy, Crux of Matter

New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP) Conventional Mining and Royalty Production Sharing Contract (PSC) The crux of Reliance KG Basin controversy Dateline of Reliance KG Basin Controversy War of Words New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP) Under this policy, government auctioned potential oil and gas field areas [...]

[Economy] Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) Controversy between SBI & RBI: meaning, implication on Economy Explained

What is CRR? What is Scheduled Commercial Bank? Examples of Scheduled Commercial Banks Case #1: High CRR and SLR Case #2: Low CRR and SLR Repo Rate Reverse Repo Rate Bank Rate What is the need of all these CRR,SLR,Repo rates? What is [...]

[Polity] National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID): Meaning, Use, Controversy

NATGRID Concerns Privacy and misuse Wikileaks like situation NATGRID 26/11 attacks on Mumbai led to the exposure of several weaknesses in India’s intelligence gathering and action networks. So, Chindu came up with the idea of National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID) NATGRID will integrate 21 categories [...]

[Polity] National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC): Meaning, functions, Controversy

Introduction: The Need for NCTC What will NCTC do? Multi-Agency Centre (MAC) How is it different from US and UK  model? What is the problem with NCTC? Power to Arrest without informing State Government Overlapping with NIA Present Status of NCTC Introduction: The Need [...]

[Science] Stem Cell Research, Controversy, Noble Prize 2012

This is a guest post by Mr.Manikandan Soundararajan Nobel Prize for Physiology/Medicine (2012): What are Stem cells? Where are Stem cells found? What are the application of Stem cells? Organ transplant and stem cells Controversy surrounding stem cells: Stem Cell research in USA Stem [...]

Map sea of japan or japan sagar

[Diplomacy] Japan Sagar/ East Sea Controversy, and functions of Survey of India

Who is the Surveyor General of India? Functions of Surveyor General of India? Where is Sea of Japan/East Sea? Why Japan Sagar controversy? Arguments: Japan vs S.Korea India’s Stand on Sea of Japan Food for thought Mock Questions Who is the Surveyor General of [...]

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[Economy] 2G scam, Spectrum refarming, Sistema controversy, Allocation of Natural Resources explained

What is Spectrum? Method #1: First come First Serve basis Method#2: Auctioning method What happened in 2G scam? A.Raja (Telecom Ministry) CAG estimate: 1.7 lakh crore loss Supreme Court verdict Presidential reference on SC verdict Impact of SC verdict Sistema – Russia Angle [...]

[Polity] Indian Olympic Association Suspension from IOC, National Sports Code: controversy, implications explained

What is IOC? What is Indian Olympic Association? Jurisdiction over Sports How can Union Government regulate sport? National Sports Development Code 2011 What does National Sports Code say about elections? Delhi High Court verdict on IOA/NSF election Why did IOC ban IOA? Implication [...]

[Economy] GMR Maldives Airport Controversy, IFC, AAI: Meaning, Reason, Implications, Explained

What is GMR? Male International Airport, 2009 What is International Financial Corporation (IFC)? Maldives Coup, Feb 2012 Singapore Court, Dec.2012 Indian Government’s response Should India stop giving ca$h to Maldives? Should India be Assertive? Conspiracy Parts Mock Questions What is GMR? An Indian company [...]

[Polity] Juvenile Justice Act: features, Controversy post Delhi-Gangrape, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)

What is Juvenile Justice Act 2000? Features of Juvenile Justice Act Special Juvenile Police Unit Why in News/Controversy? Pro arguments (= reform needed) Juvenile Justice in other countries United Kingdom United States of America Australia PIL in Delhi Highcourt Anti-arguments (no reform needed) [...]

Map Mullaperiyar dam

[Judgement] Mullaperiyar dam controversy, Why doesn’t Kerala want Tamilnadu to raise dam height?

Gist of the matter is just three points Tamilnadu operates the dam in Kerala. wants to increase water level in it. Kerala worries that dam will get destroyed anytime soon due to old age or earthquake. Hence enacted a law to decrease water level [...]

Bangladesh Teesta Watersharing & Terrorism

[Water Diplomacy] Teesta River Agreement between India & Bangladesh: Why Controversy?

As such an old topic but came in news against because Mamata’s election rallies in India & Protests in Bangladesh. Geography of Teesta River Teesta originates from Kangse Glacier, Charamu Lake in Sikkim, most of its catchment area lies in India. It enters Bangladesh, joins [...]