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Biggest Consolidation: BMB & 5 SBI Associates to merge with Parent SBI

Dear Aspirants Here we are going to provide important information on merging of SBI Associates and Bharatiya Mahila Bank with India’s biggest public sector bank State Bank of India which will surely be helpful from exam point of view. With a major step taken by the [...]

fiscal deficit potholes

[Economy] Fiscal Consolidation, Fiscal Deficit : Meaning, Implications, Explained Why Vijay Kelkar Committee was formed?

Parts of Budget= Revenue + Expenditure Types of Budget= Deficit/Surplus/Balanced Why printing more money=Bad idea? When fiscal deficit NOT BAD? When & Why is fiscal deficit BAD? Creates inflation Black Money Bond Yield increased Crowding out investment Twin deficit hypothesis Current Account Deficit [...]

Vijay Kelkar recommendations

[Economy] Recommendations of Vijay Kelkar Committee on Fiscal Consolidation Roadmap

Observations of Vijay Kelkar Committee How to increase collection of Direct Taxes? Review DTC bill Data Mining PAN/UID Card Mandatory Create Tax profiles Charge interest rate on tax defaulters How to increase collection of Indirect Taxes? Increase the coverage of service tax Implement [...]

[Land Reforms] Consolidation of Land Holdings, Computerization of Land Records in India- features, benefits, limitations

Prologue Topic#1: Consolidation of Land Holdings What is Consolidation of Land holdings? Why do we need Consolidation of Land holdings? What are the methods of Land consolidation? #1: Voluntary Consolidation #2: Compulsory Consolidation (+ve) Land Consolidation: Benefits, Advantages, Positive points (-ve) Land consolidation: [...]