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Complete Reasoning Study Notes For Bank Exam

Dear Readers, Many of you are often afraid of Reasoning section. To make you excel in the reasoning section without any fear we provide you a complete study notes to help you crack Reasoning Questions in Bank Exam.  If you understand carefully, Reasoning Section can be solved with [...]

[Aptitude] Time n Work: 4 men and 6 women can complete a work in 8 Days then

This is merely a subtype of Time n Work problems. and can be solved using our good ol’ STD table Method. Case 1: Women finish entire job Case 2: Women to finish remaining job Case: Child labour Case 1: Women finish entire job 4 men and [...]

“Scientific management in its sesame, involves in its essence a complete revolution on the part of size workers and equally complete revolution on the part of those on management side.” Examine briefly.

Ans. The above statement seems true in the light of following advantages of scientific management - To Workers- (i) Incentive wages to the workers for higher production. (ii) Detailed instructions and constant guidance for the workers. (iii) Opportunity for training and development to increase skills. (iv) Less fatigue in [...]